25 thoughts on “2014 September 22 Breaking News Bible Prophecy Current Events in motion leading to NWO

  1. Kathleen Bemis

    An excellent presentation, u2bheavenbound! Yes, I do see a 2nd revolution
    in the works, for the 50+ year olds living in the United States of America.
    It is a shame that the “new generation” is not very aware of the political
    ramifications and changes within our lifestyle that the NWO will bring.
    I’ve seen that children are no longer allowed to wear tee shirts with the
    American flag on them!!!! Christians are not allowed to bring Bibles into
    motels, (or to read them) during school free periods. BUT, Muslims are
    being made special rooms of prayer in schools, and allowed…obviously to
    bring their Quran on the premises! This is against our freedoms of the
    Constitution. Amendments no longer are in existence. People are accepting
    these changes, without realizing the effects that they are resulting in.
    Military ARE conducting tests throughout the entire United States in
    preparation of “Martial Law”. They don’t need a reason to demand this
    action. Those of us that grew up with God in our hearts, the Constitution,
    the pledge of allegiance, etc…know the blessings of having God in our
    lives. We watched black and white televisions, saw the first technological
    game come to the market…” Atari”. This consisted of “Pong” and “PAC Man”,
    and ” Asteroids”. We brought in the era of technology and watched it
    accelerate through the years. The youth have cell phones, because of our
    hard sweat!!! They’ve got clothes like “Nike”, shoes like ” Sketchers”,
    because of our many devoted hours on the grindstone, for minimal
    wages…back in the days. We are proud, hard working, committed Americans
    with God and prayer, and church in our lives. And Mr. President Obama…the
    sermon on the mount happens to be one of the greatest Biblical stories of
    all time!!! All of these TRUTHS are what my family fought for, so we could
    be free and defend American citizens at home. I realize that “changes” are
    being slipped into our society, by the ever greedy rich and powerful
    elites. But you forget that in the eyes of our Lord, we poor are the apple
    of God’s eye. We will see God!!! You can do what you feel you must, but in
    the end, you will regret your choices. You see, Jesus gives us all the
    choice to choose where we want to go. In the end, we seal our own fate. We
    are NOT afraid to die; nor how we die. Freedom is fought for. It is “love”
    that drives us on, and “love” that brings us home. Amen.

  2. Aaron The Flynt

    When he stutters @ 15:37 it sounds like he said “The broad sweeping powers
    that would give the pope-department of homeland security…” Could be
    nothing, or could be something… Who knows for sure. Just figured I’d
    point that out. Either way, things are certainly synchronizing with
    Biblical end-times prophecy. ~Shalom Aleichem 

  3. john dunbar

    I Live in Ireland and i really Believe this effects the whole world
    people have to open there eyes
    those so called police men are a Disgrace Nothing but power hungry NAZI

  4. Tony Park

    All I want to know is when does the war start, I’ve already done it once
    just when is everything going to finally fall apart. Tired of waiting.

  5. KJV Jesus

    I get strong feelings from the song that starts at 20:09. It reminds me of
    children dieing infront of there parents and the other way around exedra.
    It also makes me think of what our savior Lord Jesus did and also what his
    chosen will have to do. Don’t be deceived killing Is never a good idea even
    when defending your children.

  6. Crystal Trujillo

    TwinFlameVirgo’s: A D’Vine Journey 71-73
    B. Michael September, 05th Sulfur, Louisiana
    C. Marie September, 05th Phoenix, Arizona
    step fathers October 05th…10 years apart
    Michael, October, 05th 1944
    Jimmie October, 05th 1954
    Paul Anthony 12/21/1970- 10/09/2007
    Joel Gillespie 09/02/1971- 10/09/1996
    Then I, Daniel, looked, and there before me stood two others,
    one on this bank of the river and one on the opposite bank.
    Daniel 12:5
    ║╚╣║║║║╩╣…is contagious pass it around
    He who walks with integrity walks securely.
    But he who perverts his ways will become known!
    – Proverbs 10:9

  7. Lisa Mcguire

    Our founding fathers (and everybody else around the globe) considered
    America the New World. So if there’s a new world order, your looking at it
    when you look at the US. 

  8. Lisa Mcguire

    The only way to have a new world order be successful is to release the
    scientific aspect of free energy. They have it, they know how, but we will
    never see it. The only way that will happen is if people stop purchasing
    gas and petroleum products. Which we all know they make it impossible to do
    so. It’s not a mystery, the rich are continuing to get rich. They want
    everybody to have a LITTLE money, while they line their pockets with it.
    Unacceptable. I will play by the rules when they do. 

  9. Bret Hines

    It just dawned on me the fight against the NDAA could be hijacked by uber
    liberal left. The problem comes in when they start telling Christians
    believe what you want but keep your mouth shut except as to politics.
    Politics and religion for the Christian is as American as Apple pie. I am
    not ashamed to declare America for Jesus Christ and when God sees fit to
    remove every Christian from America then the atheist, hedonist and
    anarchist can have it!. We can not be silent if we see the enemy of
    Christian values and evangelization encroach. We just need to remember the
    enemy of my enemy is NOT necessarily my friend. Look at how the jihadist
    work in the East and Middle East. I would say there is no such thing as a
    moderate jihadist but our government keeps trying to pick sides and they
    are both two sides of the same coin. We must not give up on Democracy, we
    need the fire the scoundrels, throw them all out, but the problem is we are
    in the minority at the polls. This system is shaping up to become the
    harlot of Revelation, mystery Babylon. Brothers and sisters get ready, no
    stay ready for you don’t know what hour the master might return. If God is
    going to bless America then America needs Jesus Christ. Otherwise America
    is just another nation in the grip of satan, like most of the nations of
    the world, isn’t that what scripture said it would be like in the last
    days, just before Christ’s return. 

  10. IIxxxMRBOBxxxII

    The psychotic apes that believe there’s an all knowing invisible man OR the
    psychotic apes who believe the universe came from a big bang aka
    nothingness.Who will win control of the planet?Only one way to find
    out,keep watching this amazing show called EARTH.

  11. Jeremy Jones

    You have to view the bible from it’s cultural context. The Jews in ancient
    times did not see the world global as we do. Thanks to technology we have
    a global perspective…but for Jews in ancient times the “world” was the
    Roman Empire. As it says in Luke 2:1 Caesar did a census of the entire
    “world” That is to say the Roman Empire…but to Jews in ancient times
    that WAS the entire world.

  12. Toney Liakakis

    Just keep in mind, you do not know the people who create these types of
    videos and the internet is being watched. Could it be that when you view
    these types of videos your name by ip adress go on an automatic list. It
    would be a great way to control those who are reaching out =D.

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