2015 Spring Break Exposed Panama City- Sean Hannity Sends Ainsley Earhardt To Panama City FL

2015 Spring Break Exposed Panama City- Sean Hannity Sends Ainsley Earhardt To Panama City FL

25 thoughts on “2015 Spring Break Exposed Panama City- Sean Hannity Sends Ainsley Earhardt To Panama City FL

  1. AtheistSpanker

    I wonder if those citizens of Sodom and Gomorrah who now reside in hell are
    screaming “hey how come you’re letting them get away with it?”

  2. john41996

    Oh fuck off. Let them enjoy themselves. You guys probably did the same
    thing in college but now that you have had your fun you want to prevent
    other from having theirs. They aint doing anything to hurt someone, let
    them enjoy themselves and stop trying to put a damper on their
    constitutional right of freedom and their pursuit for happiness.

  3. Chris Connell

    This is a bullshit report. Total bullshit. Yes, there’s SOME weed, SOME
    flashing, but I was there for 4 days and met some cool people, who just
    wanted to have a good time. I had smart intellectual conversations with
    many of the students there. Remember, these people aren’t criminals and
    most of them are going to school to better their lives. The most disgusting
    thing I found which they are NOT mentioning was the pollution/garbage. Beer
    cans/garbage was everywhere and that’s about the only thing that I found

  4. Floppy Genitals

    4:10 “Drug Dealers are changing 1 little molecule so it doesn’t pass on
    drug tests”

    Biggest load of shit ever. I am even a fan of Fox News, but i have enough
    background education to know that it’s false for several reasons.Production
    of drugs with the intent to relate to an illicit drug is still illegal, and
    it doesn’t matter if it’s not “marijuana”, if a cop was to confiscate it
    off someone, they have all right to arrest them for equivalent of the
    illicit drug (Due to the Act passed in 1982, when a dealer in California
    made MTPT heroin sparking parkinson’s in thousands of people, here ya go
    Fox -> http://content.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,141542,00.html).
    Not to mention, THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) can evade a drug test regardless
    of “molecule” rearranging. It’s an anti-emetic drug, and can be cleansed
    through many ways, and efficiently, so i am of high doubt that a chemist
    somewhere is producing a false marijuana strictly to surpass a drug test. 

  5. Patrick Pryor

    No matter what year, this year, last year, 20 years ago…Spring Break will
    be Spring Break. There will be underage drinking, there will be weed, there
    will be other drugs, there will also be cops, and it’ll be a lot of fun.
    Fox, stop being a prude. Let the local governments handle this and stop
    fear mongering. 

  6. jayflavor1

    Blame Patrick Schwazznegger, blame the liberals, equality is a myth. Good
    lord you guys are stupid and so full of shit. Blatantly lying “it was not
    this bad 10 years ago”, “I didn’t do this 10 years ago.” Yes you did you
    lying byotch

  7. southpointchrysler

    It’s kind of sad to me how uneducated some adults are. Sure, on paper, a
    lot of that stuff is bad. But it’s not paper, it’s real life, just let the
    kids live a little. They all know back in there day they went to woodstock
    and tripped on that clean acid back in beautiful ’69.

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