24 thoughts on “59th Filmfare Awards 2014 – HD – Full Show

  1. Qariya Khan

    Srk and karan johar and ranbir are the best hosts! Priyanka ruined it! But
    overall show was boring as well though! Was expecting Katrina’s powerful
    dance, Srk AMAZING dance, few jokes with the audience! Just missing the old
    Bollywood :/

  2. Shivam Murari

    Katrina Kaif should probably date Shahid Kapoor. Both dance well and have
    ZERO acting talent. Why don’t they quit acting and open Dance Schools? They
    are here just for fame and they use other actors to become famous! Shahid
    used Priyanka and Kareena. Katrina used Salman and Ranbeer!

  3. Ramos madirista

    Hey bollywood is cool but wierd too why do they always have songs and why
    are all the people indians how come there’s no white or black

  4. Amandeep Rishi

    this one performance of ranveer singh was better than full raamleela movie.
    It had humour, it had a story to tell, it made sense. 

  5. galanoth17

    Why did Karan keep repeating nayab kalakar? He said it right the first time
    and every time so I don’t see what the fuss was about? 

  6. Kubra Coskunlar

    i wish mahdee as ll come soon and these people wont die as a
    nonmuslim.ameen.its so low cuensedence but theire grand child could :( i
    wish they do before mahde as too.ameen.
    i wish that way.everyone of us should accept and love Allah.and recejt to
    worship and say that there is many gods and shapes human and animal
    bodies.we should desurv to worship only one Allah,love our Creator and all
    most beautiful names Allah has.if we talking about love peace and

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