20 thoughts on “Bear mauling: Florida woman gets mauled after sticking hand in cage

  1. Crazy Cat Lady

    well, i’d be pissed off too if someone gave me a dumbass name like abner…

    oh, and FINALLY animals aren’t killed for dumbasses’ stupid shit!

  2. poderion

    Terrible! This is a wild animal who naturally should have huge areas to
    walk around in, feeling FREE.
    How can people go to zoos laughing and pointing at these jailed animals?
    How about taking a hike in the FOREST to see animals in their natural
    habitat Instead of supporting these zoos making income from animals who got
    robbed their freedom?

  3. MonsterDrinkFan605

    Thats fucking stupid. Thats like a kid tries to take my food. I could
    have punched his face. Yeah thats a idiot move.

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