25 thoughts on “Bible Banned in Florida Classroom (feat. Jaclyn Glenn)

  1. 11ammas

    This has nothing to do with religion, this is just censorship. People
    should be allowed to read whatever they want to read, whenever they want,
    wherever they want. Also that teacher sounded like an asshole on a power
    trip in the call, so I’m opposed to her on principle.

  2. badmonkey91

    Sure it’s “Free reading”, but thinking back to my school days.. I imagine
    there are parameters to what they’re allowed to read. You aren’t allowed to
    read magazines, children’s books, technical manuals, cereal boxes,
    dictionaries or bibles…

    They generally ask you to pick a novels fit for your reading level in
    junior high and high school reading classes in my experience.

  3. Rainos62

    The teacher was right because the school is a public place and the courts
    have ruled that the school and religion are to be separate. Its a public
    place but, the teachers have administrative authority over the students in
    school that is what the courts have ruled. The teacher has that authority
    to do this but, this is a hot button issue and if her superior is standing
    do you really want a kid reading a bible in class because the administrator
    might think that she is teaching the bible in the classroom. Its justified
    because she doesnt want to get in trouble and lose her job i can respect
    this decision.

  4. ThePowerfulPanda

    Not sure where the teacher was coming from on this. Even though I have no
    respect for religion in any sense, I think it’s kind of messed up. If that
    free reading time though only included select books then I understand. If
    she was doing this to try and turn the kid away from religion she made a
    big mistake, because one of the best ways to turn someone atheist is to
    have them read the bible. 

  5. Jon Doe

    But here their okay with teaching with Scientology in class’s room but they
    don’t wanna teach the bible science is based off a lot ifs there’s no way
    you can prove it.i think teaching the big band theory is like forcing there
    thoughts and beliefs on what they believe in that’s kinda still forcing
    religion on teens in high school in my personal opinion they should allow
    the bible or any other religion to be thought in school if evolution.

  6. Sempiternal

    The child was told specifically to not listen to the teacher if told to put
    the book away by their parents.
    If the kids parents want to brainwash their child to such an extent that
    they are being told to ignore authority then that’s definitely something
    that shouldn’t be allowed in the classroom.

  7. Knights&Darths

    Alright, I love Cara and technically she’s correct, it is my constitutional
    right to read The Holy Bible and profess myself a Christian, but she seems
    to miss the point about context. I believe that what this teacher is afraid
    of is that kids will neglect social activities if they read holy books at
    school, I’ll be stuck reading the Bible while the others make friends
    because that’s what my parents told me to do, and you’re saying this can’t
    be prevented because of the first amendment.

  8. Jon Doe

    The bible is not magic lmao haha wow know your facts before you go based of
    assumption in what you have heard from other.the way science is portrayed
    evolution is magic that’s what I think in my mind lol.i didn’t come from no
    monkey lol do you see how dumb that sounds. 

  9. tetsubo57

    If this played out the way it seems to have played out, this is a clear
    violation of the 1st amendment. That a teacher did this is depressing. I
    just assume she failed social studies.

  10. Sensei Rich

    Btw, Jesus is most likely non-historical. There are no contemporary
    accounts of this person whatsoever.

  11. Demelicos Helsaint

    yeah, far as I am concerned, a kid shouldn’t be reading it in school just
    like kids shouldn’t be reading 50 shades of grey in school. It is (by all
    accounts) a book that kids shouldn’t be reading due to it’s nature. Having
    it be a religious document is irrelevant, the contents is what should

  12. SeanTheOriginal

    If this child wants to read a bible, he should do it at home where it
    belongs. Religion has NO PLACE in the outside world. Keep that bullshit in
    the homes of the idiots that are stupid enough to believe it.

  13. Jared Frick

    Since the bible advocates murder, it might not be appropriate for school.
    Playboy advocates sex, is it going to be allowed? Murder is harmful, sex
    is not. We are a FUBAR’d people at times.

  14. Karl Slicher

    Schools have a duty to protect both a student’s education and the learning
    environment. All religion has to be banned from all educational
    establishments with students under the age of 18.

  15. marcus payne

    Christianity is evil, we of the Pastafarian faith promote peace, harmony
    and ample mozzarella for all through our worship of the almighty Flying
    Spaghetti Monster (may cheese be upon him), proof for the existence of the
    one true God can be witnessed in virtually any Italian restaurant. If you
    don’t believe in the FSM (MCBEH) you will be tortured for eternity in a
    lake of fettuccine with yellow squash and Parmesan-lemon cream sauce! you
    have been warned!

  16. darttoyou1

    Another Fahrenheit 451? Maybe hypocritical but Im all for burning all
    bibles, Qurans etc. As having a god just eliminates the need to think.

  17. Skippy Scourge

    Would a comic book have been allowed reading material? My assumption is no,
    where do we draw the line between comic books and religious texts…. the
    comic book is arguably even more educational.

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