25 thoughts on “Big Sinkhole Opens Up In Florida, Swallows Street Corner and Part of a Building

  1. DVincentW

    Is that caption saying, “Depression forms in downtown St. Pete”? Who the
    hell in St Pete is happy?!
    *There are no basements in Florida*
    And why do they not say what it is? Sinkhole.
    In Longwood Fl (near Winter Park, Orl) theres a sink hole, that has 3 or 4
    Porches at the bottom .. happened back in 1990.
    Thanks Daboo77

  2. Joseph Cek

    This is just to prove to society who follow pagan Romans in everything
    including our sewage system, that we live on a false and non sustainable
    system. Digging up the earth with huge machines, lining pipes and wires
    everywhere.. Eventually these underground hollow sewage lines will give in

  3. rbolo29 .

    Sinkholes form so often in Floriduh, because it’s sitting on top of
    limestone. Limestone gets melted away by acidic water, forming hidden
    caverns under structures. Florida is like swiss cheese limestone.

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