25 thoughts on “Bizarre Supernatural Occurrences around the World (Full Documentary)

  1. Patrick Faulkner

    It’s nothing more but the effects of the giant galactic super computer,
    earth, calculatin the question to the answer of everything, 42. Sadly, this
    earth is destined to be destroyed to make space for an intergalactic
    freeway ramp.

  2. hitcan79

    What a crock of shit man, people are drawn to Stonehenge and places like
    that because they are giant very old modern day tourist attractions, not
    because of invisible fucking lines, morons.

  3. Kyles Isler

    If ley lines were real, then why does every “scientist” map out different
    lines for the same regions? It might be because it’s complete BS, and
    they’re making money off it. Just like global warming, another load of

  4. Brointman

    The ancient places of power would be great places to bulldoze so that
    QuikTrip convenience stores can be built on them.

  5. MrZacfisher

    i hear a strange hum like those people talk about, its not everyday but
    when it does happen its usually from somewhere between 3am-9/10am, there
    are 3 radios towers all within a mile of my house spread out, my sister
    also hears it, but noone else in the house does…and even though its not
    everynight it is most nights and the volume changes sometimes its really
    loud you can hear through the windows other times you have to have a window
    open or be outside or you wont hear it, it just sounds like a strange
    hum…its never driven us nuts or anything weve just wondered what the heck
    it is, i always figured it was the radio towers i never heard it before i
    moved here

  6. Jordan Philip

    I’m certain that all of this stuff – lay lines and energy fields – can
    simply be attributed to the Earth’s magnetic field. Most animal species use
    the magnetic field as a compass, that’s how birds know where they’re
    migrating to and animals to find the food and escape the cold in winter.
    Just because humans don’t readily perceive this information, it doesn’t
    mean we can’t feel it. Just like as described, our brains switch to alpha
    and theta, just like how our brains change during different sleep types.
    With these come the perceptions like hallucinations and strange feeling,
    it’s nothing unexplainable or paranormal, it’s simply our brains responding
    to disturbances in the magnetic field which happen to be fairly strong
    along fault lines.

  7. John D

    the ice “crop circles” have a real non crazy way to form……. tho ill
    agree aliens sound like such a cooler exp………….LOL

  8. Cat Chick

    While I am intrigued about the lights and other sky phenomenon… crop
    circles are man made… nothing more…. And ice circles are thin sheets
    of ice that break off and are spun by currents that create the round
    shape. Anyone, scientist or otherwise, believing anything supernatural
    about crop and ice circles are so desperate to believe in something that
    they’ll fall for anything. 

  9. mystisme

    what meteorologist will learn in very soon ,well i hope, is lightning is
    not always down to earth it could be the earth to the sky and it is call
    for now feu follet in french some scientist already know about lightning
    between tow cloud that can go to lower clouds to an higher cloud

  10. tranceemerson

    this documentary is the most unorganized piece of crap I’ve ever watched.
    it’s like they are playing the introductory to the documentary over and
    over again.

  11. artseecraftee

    Re: Swirls in the ice ..I recently saw bowls made in slabs of river rock in
    the river basin .There is a natural explanation for this In the rolling of
    a stone which is lodged in a hole of another rock and so instead of moving
    forward it just sits there and spins in place eroding the rock beneath it
    creating a round basin or hole in the surface slabs .What I am getting at
    is a river has all kinds of currents that cause whirl pools running in and
    out of underground aquifers usually moving water doesn’t freeze .

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