Breaking News Florida jail explosion woman says there were more than 2 people who died

Breaking News Florida jail explosion woman says there were more than 2 people who died

14 thoughts on “Breaking News Florida jail explosion woman says there were more than 2 people who died

  1. BoKnowsEntertainment

    5:30 – “the Jail works for the Board of County Commisioners” aka corporate
    counsel attorneys. They direct EVERYTHING.

  2. Kasim Israel Bey

    Black people this is world war 3. A silent war to take out people based on
    economics and race. Black and White is a status. For it to be a nationality
    u have to identify land. So some people who think they are white dont even
    realize they are practicing racism. So if u consider yourself Black or
    Latino, societies cum rag, u should not commit any negative action against
    another. That’s the only way. If corporations shut u out, instead of
    robbing your own, call him to help u rob that corporation cuz believe me he
    need it too

  3. Warren Robertsom

    People should be giving her a medal, she’s hurt and mad cause she’s not
    lying there’s know way! 

  4. Carolyne S

    WOW!!!!! Wish there was more…love to have seen his response..they are
    clearly lying!!!!!! Shame she didn’t state how many she thought she did
    see. MSM just stand there like a bunch of monkeys and do and say
    nothing…Journalists are no longer worth the publics respect..they don’t
    investigate anything never mind report on the truth!!! God bless this woman
    and I hope she finds her son alive.

  5. Terry V

    This whole county is out of control they do not do nothing but take our tax
    money And if you have a problem if you don’t live on the rich side you
    can’t get nothing done. I have been asking for 14 years for them to fix the
    drainage ditch in front of my house because when it rains it floods my yard
    to the point that over the years it has cost me over a $100000.00 in damage
    and this time it really was bad it washed the under side foundation of my
    house out and had 2 feet in my shop and damage I don’t know how mush yet.
    So for them to cover this up is not a surprise .They will arrest you for
    anything the jail is not even own by the county but we still pay taxes on
    it we pay tax on busing that is not own by the county. We were number 1 in
    the state for murder and number 10 in the US for money made off of crime so
    what dose that tell you.The phone book has more lawyers then anything

  6. MrDevlin350

    I wonder if that explosion was set up to cover up something that was
    happening in that jail.We’ll never know the truth as the state run media
    will only report what the communist dictate to them.

  7. Winsome Smith

    keep in touch with her–she might just disappear; as those others that are
    ‘unaccounted for’.

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