6 thoughts on “Central Florida News 13 Noon Open (2012)

  1. Jake Lunceford

    Very nice. Check out my news 13 open on my channel. I am also going to get
    the new graphics now that Marla Weech is evening/primetime and Ybeth
    Bruzual is now mornings….

  2. Jake Lunceford

    CFNews 13 has new graphics! I am away this weekend but will film and upload
    next week. Everything has changed. CFNews13 All Local. All The Time. is now
    News 13. News. Weather. Now.

  3. Jake Lunceford

    I just recorded the new News 13 graphics. I couldnt get the Noon to match
    this one, but I believe its basically the same other than a few words the
    voice-over says. I am editing and will upload later today.

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