15 thoughts on “Dean Guitars video news! Ride for Dime Florida a big success!

  1. PoofDuddy

    Charity-leeching off Dime’s name.. AH gain. If they wanted to create a
    positive change for children in Dime’s name, the last thing you want to
    promote to kids is the notion of de-evolving into a tatooed alcoholic
    pot-smoking rock star since that’s what led to Darrel’s murder. Besides
    promoting an offshore manufacturer that only survives off Chinese slave
    labor does this ride do anything FOR Darrel’s memory or the needy in Dallas
    suburbs? Think about it, it’s all about fucking Elliot isn’t it.

  2. RockForce131

    Getting tattooed and smoking pot isn’t what led Dime to his grave. That was
    done by some psycho while Darrell was playing kick-ass music for a
    receptive crowd. If you’re gonna insult the program get your fucking facts
    straight. And it isn’t “all about Elliot”. “Ride for Dime” is a non profit
    organization that raises money for kids who have been abused and neglected.
    If you read the fucking description or even looked up the event before you
    shot your mouth off, you’d know that.

  3. PoofDuddy

    What would Dime do for the kids of Dallas.. that’s the point: plus all the
    donations get written off Elliot’s taxes! Dime’s music was enjoyable, but
    his life and lifestyle was not a good role model for children, but one
    thing Elliot could do is get the town of origin correct if it’s got
    anything to do with the Abbot name. As a fan I would tell Vinnie the same
    thing to his face, help the kids of Dallas first before you tinkertoy with
    the notion of tossing money at the inbreds of the Swamp Coast.

  4. PoofDuddy

    Darrel Abbot lived for himself. Celebrating the music by his group in
    remembrance is one thing of which, when considered in the vast scope of
    American music wasn’t much in catalogue or quantity at all, yet celebrating
    his person is totally inappropriate. Teachers, scout leaders, relatives and
    family who live life as an example to others are appropriate role models.
    But when they smoke dope, do lines, drink until they’re shitfaced they are
    not. Which role do you play before others?

  5. PoofDuddy

    His life was one of the worst examples of how to enjoy success in the
    entertainment industry. He’s dead. Nothing worth memorializing to celebrate
    except for the purpose of selling guitars and music products in his name.

  6. PoofDuddy

    He was Zelinsky’s friend. Elliot basically used the relationship Dean began
    with Dime to exploit his celebrity. Abbot only approved the Razorback to
    carry his name, Zelinsky designed it. When Zelinsky got involved, Dime was
    a Washburn endorsee because Elliot’s company forgot how to make a guitar
    the right way. And now we see how today Elliot’s example of how to ruin the
    relationship with the Abbot estate. Elliot’s interest is in promoting Dean
    in any event.

  7. Curse Mackey

    @PoofDuddy, do yr’ homework. “In May 2007, Dime was chosen as an inductee
    for the famed Hollywood’s RockWalk at Hollywood Guitar Center Sunset Blvd.
    After the induction, to further honor “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott was the Six
    String Masterpieces auction held to benefit Little Kids Rock. The auction
    raised enough funds to open two chapters in Dime’s name. One chapter in
    Tampa, near Dean Guitars’ headquarters, Dimebag’s guitar of choice, and the
    other chapter in Dimebag’s hometown of Dallas, TX.”

  8. Curse Mackey

    @PoofDuddy just google “Dallas Chapter Of LITTLE KIDS ROCK In Honor Of
    ‘DIMEBAG’ DARRELL ABBOTT – Feb. 18, 2008″ and you’ll see. Also, FYI: It was
    Elliott who signed Dime to Dean Guitars. And Dime did design the Razorback
    and it was Elliott, NOT Dean Z who funded the project for Dime. People fail
    to give Elliott credit where it’s due, Elliott brought Dean out of the
    ashes in 97 when he purchased it from Oscar Medeiros who gained ownership
    of the brand in the late 1980s. All easy info to find.

  9. Curse Mackey

    Dime signed to Washburn because Dean had gone out of business. Elliott was
    the guy who brought Dean back into business in the late 90’s and then
    signed Dime and brought Dean Z on board. Also Dean makes USA guitars and
    almost every major brand in the world makes over seas guitars, Your facts
    are so off the mark it’s ridiculous. Go do something positive.

  10. PoofDuddy

    Elliot was lost his ass on the deal for 6 years until hiring Zelinsky to
    teach him how to build guitars. Unfortunately, Elliot’s ratio of
    import-to-USA models is like 500 Chinese and Korean guitars to 1 US made
    and he’s therefore turned a once proud brand into rubbish. Mr Z quit
    because of this and other problems with regard to quality, plus the fact
    Elliot wants to play rock star like an adolescent – it’s a fact even on
    Wikipedia look it up he’s a LOSER

  11. PoofDuddy

    Really? So it’s Elliot in those same home movies getting hugged and loved
    on by Dimebag.. along with Dean Zelinsky, here on youtube no? NO. Elliot is
    a ZERO. Has no understanding or personality, or craftsmanship. That’s why
    his office manager runs the business while he’s running around the country
    playing out with his childhood guitar heros. If Elliot wanted to sit behind
    a desk and be responsible I bent he could sink it just like the company
    he’s supposedly running.

  12. PoofDuddy

    That’s free promotional media courtesy of Elliot’s tax write-offs and it
    has only Dime’s name attached posthumously. He had nothing to do with it
    except getting PIMPED over the deal benefitting only Elliot.

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