February 2014 Breaking News The Bible concerning Current World events Last Days Final Hour

February 2014 Breaking News The Bible concerning Current World events Last Days Final Hour

25 thoughts on “February 2014 Breaking News The Bible concerning Current World events Last Days Final Hour


    I like how he says how it is so scary if you are a true believer in are
    savior Jesus Christ then why make a statement about being scared.I for one
    am not at all scared about any of this God has my hand and i know he will
    never let go of me.If you havent yet been saved cry out to Jesus Christ he
    is waiting to hear from you he loves you very much..

  2. JahntaiKelly

    Aahh come on already lets just this party started already. I hope Gods
    prophecies be fulfilled faster already. So what country is going to make
    this happen?

  3. annieladysmith

    Fox, 666 News and a Jew talk about butchering innocents in Syria using the
    OT as a backdrop…WAKE UP. U better make sure that the light u think u
    believe in is not actually the darkness burying u. So called Christians
    better be careful what they think is “prophecy” because the Jews r coming
    for u next. U have to fight back and stop it, not go along with their evil.

  4. artsychic2000

    they are not quoting the proper version of scripture. Sounds like they are
    quoting niv or another apostate scripture. Do understand that fox news is
    Jesuit controlled as are all other mainstream media.

  5. artsychic2000

    you were told to pray for the jews yet you say they are responsible. How
    can you take some of it and leave the rest if you believe in it? You’re a
    hypocrite! repent and believe God.

  6. D777Mac

    The events that are taking place in Syria today are closer to the two
    prophecies being fulfilled than before the Civil War broke out. Perhaps a
    prelude to the two prophecies.

  7. Chase Jester

    THE BIBLE IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST. I uploaded a video about today. God
    sent the Holy ghost not the Holy bible. I pray In Jesus name that many are
    set free. Billions read the bible and think they can buy the word of God
    but they all believe something different. King James number is 666. Born
    6/1566, 6th King of Scotland. In 1666 his bible became 66 books that even
    the president has to swear on, so he can control what the world buys and
    sells. Peace and May God open your eyes

  8. Far North Weaver

    Wow, talk about non-committal from Rosenberg. I have not been fond of his
    writing. I think he is more of a sensationalist for pay, than Faithful.
    Damascus will become a ruinous heap Eze37, no guessing involved. It doesn’t
    take a brain surgeon to see the prelude to Gog/Magog. After…and then and
    only then will the Temple be rebuilt. I think it is awesome to see prophecy
    unfold! What a Blessing to live in these times, when so many have yearned
    so, looking for it…

  9. artsychic2000

    omg. You do not have the holy spirit or you would not say such a thing.
    Yeshua is the word. If you reject the word you reject Jesus. If thy
    foundation be destroyed (Jesus and the bible) what can the righteous do? If
    the word of God was irrelevant the Vatican would not have spent years and
    years burning it and the people that read it.

  10. Far North Weaver

    Murdoch is a devout Catholic. Did you know that the Catholics, through
    Murdoch, own the copyright to all the modern perversions of the Bible. They
    made them for they wanted to destroy the Word of God. They called the Bible
    a “cruel asp” and that if they could get their hands on it, they would
    destroy it. Enter Guy Fawkes the Jesuit, with the “Gunpowder Plot.” He was
    drawn and quartered for it by King James.

  11. artsychic2000

    watch the main vid on my youtube channel. It’s a shadow of things to come.
    The Niv is a total fraud. Look up POGM ministries. Also, look up One evil
    dot org. It is far more horrendous than we ever thought. I can’t imagine
    what is in store because Jesus said it would be far worse than anytime on

  12. Chase Jester

    That isn’t what I am saying. I can’t say it too well in comments. There
    isn’t enough room. I would love it if you would watch my video. We can
    discuss it. But my video will give you a better understanding what What I
    am saying. I am not saying that the things in the bible aren’t true. The
    things in the bible are true. I hope and pray that God will open your eyes.

  13. CrzyBear9

    All I see any more on ALL THESE sites, that so many, call themselves
    followers of Jesus, argue, provoke, accuse, blaspheme, miss quote,,,, IS
    This the Love of Christ, is this unity within His body, Is this the Holy
    Spirit drawing all men unto Jesus ??? It’s no wonder the world perishes in
    darkness, and ridicules the Very Name of Jesus,, if this is an example of
    what Christ offers,, I’d ridicule him as well,, BUT I thank God that this
    ISN’T WHAT CHRIST OFFERS,,, Examine your walk,, or perish

  14. Greg Falco

    Those who are truly intelligent realize that humanity has much to learn
    about our universe. If there was an all-powerful entity in charge, we sure
    don’t have a way to disprove that idea.

  15. flamando morena

    what you can do is eat and drink much as you can and after what ever comes
    who cares list you hade your last cold beer…BECKS

  16. crossman456

    Actually no, the reason people still consider the bible to be relevant, is
    because of the reason that unlike most religions, the bible has prophecies
    that have either come true, or not have yet too, Im aware how ignorant that
    sounds, but judging from it’s track record… I dont know how to word it,
    but they’ll all either happened or haven’t, they haven’t been proven false.
    Do you believe in zeitgeist or ancient aliens? Cause I know a few videos
    that debunks them irrevocably.

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