25 thoughts on “Fireball Over Florida: Bright Flash and Sonic Boom Reported by Over 100 People

  1. Patriot Minded

    No such thing as meteors…they’re fallen angels. “As in the days of Noah,
    so will the coming of the son of Man be”.

  2. Damian A

    We’ve all heard jokes about filming something with a potato, but it’s
    really true here. What kind of Security camera is that, fisher price?

  3. Moody Blue

    Seeing more and more of these, I imagine that since we are now aligned with
    the center of the galaxy we’ve gone off the country road onto an expressway
    with much more traffic. The earth hasn’t been in this area for a few
    thousand years now.

  4. Alexander Frennett

    I saw it, it was bright green and broke apart but stayed in a straight
    path. I stay in east jacksonville but didn’t hear anything.

  5. sylvain audet

    So many are coming-in, almost to the ground, it’s only a matter of time for
    one to touch ground, let’s hope its in middle of nowhere, prediction are
    for lots more in the future, research is key but Don’t Believe everything
    and check different sources before having an Opinion on the subjet, peace

  6. Abe Foxman

    FALLEN AngEL ?
    Opening the pits !

    hastening Bible prophecy . Christ returns as in days of Noah, said it
    will be scene like Sodom & that he comes NOT as lamb but the LION. Noah
    Ark sitting on mountain in Turkey, the other Arks may have been Cannanite
    Pheonician Vikings that threw together a boat after Noah did, Noah hired
    world top metalurigist genius who was first to used ALLOY RIVETS !
    Ice caps preserved the Ark, EQ rumble unearthed what would take man decades
    to clear by hand back in 90’s. Turkey isn’t proud to show it and rumors
    that they threaten to bomb it back into historical myth

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