Florida : An American Veteran could lose his Home for flying the American Flag (Jun 25, 2014)

Florida : An American Veteran could lose his Home for flying the American Flag (Jun 25, 2014)

25 thoughts on “Florida : An American Veteran could lose his Home for flying the American Flag (Jun 25, 2014)

  1. Brett Craig

    Land of the Free eh.. I pray for all you innocent Americans, I’m tired of
    hearing how the Gov contiunes maliciously taking away rights from you
    civilians! GOD BLESS U

  2. flwldy

    Everyone on the homeowners association should be tarred and feathered and
    then charged with high treason and kicked put of the country!!! Send them
    all to Iran or Iraq!!! 

  3. Nancy Tolbert

    To me, it is a VERY sad day when we are told that what we have always done
    is now wrong… To fly an American flag, it shows our freedom…. And now
    that it is becoming “wrong” to do so, it should tell you that our freedom
    is gone…. What a very sad day in America………. :'(

  4. TheUnseenForces

    8000? How insane can these people get? Just how INSANE can they really
    get?!?! This Country is finished!

  5. unit0079

    8000$ for a small flag?you cant show a u.s. flag on u.s. soil…..
    find the error….who really own this country?

  6. artsychic2000

    they are trying to contract with him. Everything they do is through
    contracting. They have only the authority he gives them. If he signed an
    agreement that he would not do such things he can still rescind the
    contract. Read the agreement that he signed and see if they signed it. It
    must be a two way contract with consideration. If there is no
    consideration there’s no contract.

  7. Righteous Warrior Israelite

    what kind of stupid law is this? thought it was the land of the free! thats
    why you see muslims preachers on youtube saying Death to america in
    manhatten.. but a veteran that watched his boys die for the land can’t be
    proud of the flag he bled for? 

  8. Jonathan Jones

    this video should have been viral because the person that finds him more
    than $8,000 should be ashamed of himself

  9. notyranny1

    Another signpost on the road that this country is going down hill. Bow to
    the Commies or the Nazi’s or suffer the consequences of them taking
    everything you have. It is only a matter of time before you are murdered
    via genocide for what you believe in if you refuse to submit to their
    tyranny. It is time to wake up.

  10. Bob Huffman

    I’ll pray that that entire association golds and goes broke and that God
    will give them all what any un-Ameircan association should receive.
    Disgrace and shame should follow them the rest of there lives.

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