25 thoughts on “Florida Shoplifters Caught in the Act

  1. WithoutRemorse12

    The Rich will make up for it with their “Tax Loopholes”.
    The middle class will wear some of these items a couple of times before
    donating them to Goodwill.
    The root of the problem was clearly missed in this report. America has a
    serious income inequality disparity. Money and Commerce has become the new
    morality throughout the land. Replacing most of democracy aspirations with
    unregulated capitalist rhetoric. 

  2. Jennifer Rojas

    What a stupid idea! It makes me angry when people do that. I don’t
    understand why they would do that. Don’t they know the laws already? If
    they don’t, then they’re stupid. No offense, but it’s true. Now stop

  3. Courtney Bowen

    what a waste of resources…. i guess the polk country pd wanted to be on
    tv… just arrest the crook and be over with it…2 yrs of investigations
    for what… PEEwee sold them a bag of goods

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