17 thoughts on “Florida Spring Break Party Ends With 7 Shot

  1. rmsolympic1

    That’s – exactly, exactly – why I stay away from large crowds of drunk ppl
    of any race, nationality, or ethnicity: too much potential for violence. 

  2. Jamie Cox

    Just like police forces across this nation are viewed in such a critical
    light? This is the kind of stupidity that makes a large portion of the
    black population look bad. This needs to stop! 

  3. talesin

    i love how the murdering thug was black but, when they talk about spring
    break being filled with gun carrying drunks, they show a group of nothing
    but white kids
    why won’t the media be honest and say that the reason spring break has
    become so violent and dangerous is because black people have started
    they should be banned from going
    why do they need to be at the beach anyway? they already have tans
    i would not allow my daughter to go to spring break anymore than i would
    allow her to go to a house in the hood filled with crack addled gang

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