22 thoughts on “Florida Teens Missing At Sea – Capsized Boat Found

  1. Stephen Wilson

    Why the distraction? What’s really going on in the news that we are not
    meant to see? People go missing all the time.

  2. JimsEquipmentShed

    Thats a bummer, I figured they were just drifting with a dead engine or
    something, the boat went missing on Friday, I didn’t expect this.

  3. Cadde

    How can anyone hear what the guy is saying?

  4. phyzzique

    Hopefully the teens had enough time to put on life preservers, if indeed
    there were some on board. No life preservers found near the boat.
    Unfortunately, the longer they are missing, the slimmer the chances of

  5. Joe Blow

    parenting…………parenting………..bad parenting. Who lets their
    kids do these types of things??? Their parents, that’s who. These are the
    same type of parents who would let their child actually hold an M-80 while
    they light it.

  6. Rockod2

    i know theyve been fishing before…but a 75 mile trip to the bahamas..cmon
    parents..theyre 14 year olds..fuckin sad

  7. Troll Slapper

    Shark bait, they did not find by now, they were eaten. Shark infested water
    in mid-summer. They are food… Sux, but it is a reality!

  8. Troll Slapper

    I do not care how good of parents they are, letting 14 year olds take a
    boat out on the ocean? Really? That is Child Endangerment, and Neglect,
    PERIOD! They both should be charged, and any other kids they have, taken
    from them for safety reasons.

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