25 thoughts on “Florida’s “Critical Thinking” bills: Creationism du jour?

  1. TheFifthGreatApe

    Haha, this is no laughing matter but it seems like the rest of the states
    are catching up with Kentucky. If you are unfamiliar, google KY statute KRS
    158.177 (Teaching of evolution — Right to include Bible theory of
    creation) This has been effective since 1990.

  2. TearsOfWar1

    Evolution is both a scientific fact (check the definition of what
    constitutes as a scientific fact if you want to argue that point) and a

  3. Jack Johnson

    Don’t blame the people for the actions of the government or the religions?
    The people are the religious and vote for governments. Who else is to
    blame? The answer is to change! Before you can change the religious or the
    government, you have to change mind-sets. That was the point of my “bigoted
    statement”. You managed to miss the point by a long way. Unfortunately,
    your military is as inaccurate as you more often than not! Thanks for
    replying, though.

  4. Jack Johnson

    Which bit? However, your reply sounds just like a religious reply, don’t
    you think!. They often use that phrase.

  5. Arsonfly

    I am an American and I approve this message. But, no, we will likely never
    give up our nukes because we believe ourselves to be superior to every
    country for whatever reason. I thought we should given up nukes or stopped
    telling other countries they couldn’t have them long ago.

  6. Robert Hirsch

    I would spend one week of the year of my science class teaching every
    creation myth i could get my hands on. then the bible version one appear as
    one in a myriad of mumbo jumbo. i guess then i would be looking for a new

  7. Jack Johnson

    Not communist – just a Liberal Brit. I don’t include the word “ass” in most
    of my posts – so that proves I am not a septic! Not considered mad by
    anyone with a thinking brain. How would you describe yourself?

  8. Jack Johnson

    Well, you seem to watch the right stuff and your comments are fairly sound
    – so, yes I look forward to your attempts. I’m sure you’ll do fine – good

  9. neotruekaiser

    sadly, this country would rather turn the world into a real life version of
    fallout(minus the mutants etc) rather then give up a single nuke and the
    power it gives.

  10. Teh Fluffz

    Haha, that’s the small, out of the way one (which is good). I’d have to dig
    through my junk and find the pamphlet to remember where the other one is!

  11. Matthieu Hasenboehler

    We absolutely have to clone Eugenie Scott to create a cast of super-science
    The future of humanity would be assured ! 

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