6 thoughts on “FLURBEX Presents – First Coast News Story Longer Version – Abandoned Florida

  1. Losaru

    Feds are one of the reasons I could never do urban exploring as I never
    want to meet the cops. Still though, it may be one of the few ways old
    buildings and areas will be remembered so unless it is abandoned Area 51a
    or something, here’s hoping feds and the like understand what you and other
    urban explorers are doing

  2. David Thacker

    Awesome! I love it. Thanks for letting me see these wonderful places
    through the years I’ve enjoyed them all and hopefully you will continue to
    share. FLURBEX!!! 

  3. Abandoned Ippy

    Cool ! You guys were the reason I finally started my own Urbex channel last
    Although I copped some crap from taggers for doing a brief interview &
    talking to the reporters when I was asked for a national news story and
    agreed (apparently true urban explorers don’t talk to the media… pfffff )
    I have another coming up and hope to put them in their place.

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