25 thoughts on “Food Challenge – St Lucie’s Destroyer Burger Challenge!!

  1. Randy Santel

    Hey everyone!! Here is video #3 from my week down in Miami, Florida earlier
    this year. I did this burger challenge with my friend Michael Jenkins who
    lives in Florida and has beaten many of the challenges throughout Florida.
    Our 5th and final Florida video will upload next week. Thank you everyone
    for watching and for your continued support :)

  2. Ken McMahon

    Woot Randy! I have an off the topic question for you/ Are those
    opened squeezable bottles of Hellman’s mayo on the table? Or
    am I wrong that place wan’ts to kill you with them? 

  3. neolithic3

    I like that Randy eats so neatly. It’s fun to watch him. The other guys,
    like his friend, eat like pigs and have food all over the place –
    offputting to watch.

  4. Unknown Gamer

    Dude, Randy I don’t know how you do it. Look I will tell you something I
    don’t think I have ever told any youtuber but you have my respect. You make
    it look so easy. Remember that challenge I told you I was going to do? Well
    you did it before and you made it look so easy and it was so hard. Tell me
    your secret

  5. Kim Cornell

    The destroyer challenge, ha ha!! The other guy is wearing a KISS shirt, and
    Destroyer is the name of the most famous KISS album, lol

  6. タムコウ


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