9 thoughts on “Four Bodies Found Off Florida Coast


    You notice that nowhere does it say they were “human bodies” ?
    I think they were the bodies of mackerel.
    They said they were clothed so I guess it is possible someone put clothes
    on the mackerel ?
    Slow news day huh AP ?

  2. Oliver Green

    Nationalize Haitis mineral resources so they dont have to become migrants,
    stop setting up sweatshops for western benefit, these people are IN the
    west, in their own country so allow them to be part of the progressional
    sphere of development instead of putting your muddy feet on their back to

  3. Tru Rudboi

    A little education goes a long ways. For these people to think this is the
    only way for them to come to Amerikkka is wrong, But the Black Civil War
    raging in Amerikkka is also an example of peoples thinking when there
    public schools and communities are gutted. IE. A little education goes a
    long ways. Igor R.

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