25 thoughts on “Fox News – Corrine Brown & Sandy Rios Debate Florida Drug Test

  1. Byron Von Dwyer

    corrupt brown is a racist, lying POS, her district is still high crime,
    high drop out rates, high unemployment, only her direct family are doing
    better since she went to DC, don’t believe it, look up how how daughter has
    profited while those who work are still suffering.. Like the Traitor obama,
    she belongs in prison./

  2. Andy Capp

    Can’t debate with a Baboon, they turn loud and nasty to get their point
    across while all the time saying “let me be clear”.

  3. Max Hill

    The problem is this; she knows most of her “recipukints” do drugs, so they
    would eventually lose welfare benefits and may actually have to go to WORK
    !! And she would lose their vote. Oh my ! What’s a stupid congresswoman
    gonna do? lol

  4. Plantrjr

    gotta love that wig. This proposal makes too much sense. Ms. Brown can’t
    process this, because liberalism is a mental disorder

  5. James Mays

    I don’t think it is unconstitutional well fare is the Tax Payers and State
    hiring people with Tax funds. Why shouldn’t taxpayers same as any Employers
    have the Right to make sure there money is used properly. It has been
    proven that the money is used in strip clubs, liquar stores, and for high
    end food as the California surfer did . Most recepients have full time jobs
    that pay cash, so they collect well fare and make more than most on cash
    under the table jobs, which they pay NO TAXES!!!! Browns Base Collect
    Wellfare, So she is against it.

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