25 thoughts on “Girl Struck by Plane on Florida Beach Dies

  1. BanEntitled Brats

    Dumbfucck pilot didn’t want to land in the shallow part of the water. He
    had to be selfish and land on the beach.

  2. 170324341a

    So land elsewhere and you die, maybe. Or, land on the beach and kill 2
    people. He made the choice.The pilot chose to kill 2 people in order to
    save 1 (himself). I agree, the pilot is a dumbfuck. I hope surviving
    family members sue the crap out of him. 

  3. lowkey024

    Fuckn pilot has the entire ocean to land in and chose to land on beach
    selfish fuck wanna to save his plane. 

  4. Khonh lo

    The only logical reason to explained how this accident occurred was the
    father and daughter were struck from behind by the plane as they were
    walking long the beach with the plane dead engine and the ocean waves.

  5. pyromcr

    You guys are all dumbfucks. The pilot lost his engine so they could not
    have heard him coming. As to why he chose to land on the beach instead of
    the ocean, when he initially chose to land on the beach that part may have
    been empty and by the time these two were in danger of being hit, he may
    not have had the altitude or airspeed to avoid them. Trying to land in the
    water with a fixed gear plane is very dangerous. The pilot is not at fault
    unless he could have prevented the engine failure or if it is discovered
    that he could have reached a better spot to land.

  6. Ƒȓǟǹǩ Ɫⱥțȇȓ

    I’m waiting for the CIA to send an anonymous e-mail with satellite images
    attached, to “prove” that it was the Russians who shot it down.

  7. EndlessFunctionality

    >Plane engine dies
    >Need to make crash landing
    >Open water, no people
    >Beach, people are always at the beach
    >Chooses beach
    >2 Dead

    Guess he was scared of sharks

  8. Sam Power

    If thees people were not deaf or wearing head phones with loud music on I
    dont know how you could get hit by a small plain like that.

  9. willieofroanoke

    Tragic outcome. One of those stories SMART people will wait for the final
    NTSB report before pointing fingers to see if the pilot made any errors in
    judgment, was a lousy pilot or the plane wasn’t maintained properly.

  10. izukrazyfoo

    that a dumb fuck pilot to fly right into people walking on a beach. Even
    with engine failure can still steer the plane. He could have landed in the
    brush there and not killed anyone. Idiot…they should have dragged him out
    and drowned him in the surf

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