14 thoughts on “Hagmann & Hagmann Report – September 22, 2014 Paganism with Nathan Leal

  1. Nancy Williams

    Ran Paul and John McCain have both admitted on Fox that we created ISIS.
    Are Americans really that stupid and cannot follow what is going on here
    and in middle east with this Administration. Lord help us. Evil in the
    White House,

  2. Peter Knopfler

    YOU NEVER SAY SAUDIs chopped off 62 heads last month, Obama´s friends
    standing shoulder to shoulder, Bahrain King kills his own daily, OBAMA
    TROJAN HORSE right from the NDAA. Not to worry Obama will sign the XL
    pipeline to Hell on his last week in office.SHAME is all I SEE HERE.

  3. Claud Black

    Honestly, why have a picture of naked women performing pagan rites. Come
    on! Where is the discernment that this is not appropriate.

  4. Steven Mayes

    I agree with Claud. In fact, though I enjoy listening to the show, I find
    many of the images used to be very disturbing. The images of pentagrams,
    snake eyes, demons and other mystic beings are hideously evil in
    appearance. I know that the intent isn’t to glorify the images but to hint
    at subject matter. However, such things don’t belong on a faith-based show.

  5. Vanessa Pow

    peter pan is used in programming as well. all that stuff was also a message
    meant to trigger some out there. they love to use Disney in programming.
    Kissinger is top programmer

  6. Jennifer Harding

    I will not watch this simply because of comments about the graphic material
    used. Why do this? Makes what you have to say suspect.

  7. Bill Wilstein

    There are infinite metaphors for creation and existence, and the notion of
    God. It’s actually freeing to abstract your notion of God from the Bible
    and from Jesus.

    Also, he is really distorting Pagan views of God. They aren’t monolithic,
    and they aren’t evil. 

  8. Steven Mayes

    OK, I heard a lot about dreams unexplained in their meaning. If God us
    using someone as a vessel for delivering a message, it won’t be so vague
    that it can be applied to almost any “current” event of choice out of
    convenience to the so called messenger or watchman. Also, I find that when
    an individual starts lecturing others that if they don’t believe or agree
    with what they are saying, then the questioning party is under demonic
    influence; the “prophet” is the deceiving party. If a word is spoken in the
    name of God and is not 100% accurate and concise 100% of the time- then you
    are dealing with a false prophet.

  9. G Lindy

    Anyone who claims to be a prophet or watchman is suspect. Better trow
    yourself under a microscope first. Not that I agree with paganism, I just
    don’t trust anyone who claims to be a prophet, watchman, pastor, elder….

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