Is Local Online Advertising Replacing Newspaper, Tv, Direct Mail, And Radio Advertising?


One can find advantages with local direct mail advertising and marketing. Which means marketing with local direct mail providers that mail out directories, envelopes full of discount coupons, or mass mailed postcards.

Junk mail is nearly always checked out even if it is subsequently tossed away. Postcards are very nearly always glanced at before they are tossed away or used later.

Radio advertising and marketing might be rewarding, but the audience has to be listening to the precise station at the precise time your advertisement plays, or the attempt has been useless. Similarly with TV. Newspaper marketing should work, however the reader has to find your advertisement in the newspaper, if the prospects open the paper at all. Really though almost nobody travels out to their mailbox, grabs their pile of mail, and disposes of it without looking at nearly every piece of mail.

Maybe 35% of key corporations use Twitter, Perhaps 60% use Facebook. Really though 100% use direct mail. Why is that? Because the profits from the advertising could be measured. Direct mail pieces can be used later, checked out another time, shown to friends, and brought into a small business to use as a shopping list.

Really though what exactly is the single most valuable use for direct mail, mainly postcards?

Nearly every marketing and advertising system used in local business; signage, direct mail, radio, tv, and more really needs a link to your business internet site. Also there needs to be a rationale for the customer to need to check out your internet site. It can be a contest, coupon, special offer, free report, free helpful articles….anything that produces a need to stop at your internet site.

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