25 thoughts on “LIVE from USFSP in Florida it’s Mobile RAWtalk Episode #117

  1. Tom Corbett

    Did Stephen go and see Dumb and Dumber 2 ? What’s up with the hair bro?!
    Can’t believe you haven’t given him a dig about it Jared!! Or did I miss
    it! lol 

  2. Austin Paz

    im not saying i know everything, but for the mobile raw talks, have you
    tried putting the on camera LEDs on a ball head and have the light on
    stephens camera face jared and the light on jareds camera face stephen?
    that way you wont have that direct on camera light look. i hope im
    explaining it right.

    anyways, time to watch. love the podcasts and everything you guys do!

  3. George Pop

    Props to Stephen for doing the show while feeling like shit, very
    professional. I was in the same boat about 3 weeks ago but I still went out
    in the rain and did a shoot and then shot in the evening for a hotel review
    both in the same day. Due to being sick i couldn’t sleep till 4am that
    night and woke up at 9am the next day feeling like shit still but that’s
    life, you got to do what you got to do. 

  4. c0pyimitati0n

    +Jared Polin why don’t you just use PluralEyes 3.5 so you don’t have to
    clap. It automatically syncs your clips for you. I use it with editing
    music videos and i’ll have some 16 different tracks.

  5. TalesOfWar

    For those wondering why they’re using such old sensors for the new
    telescope it’s because they need to use tried and tested tech in space. I
    believe the Curiosity rover is rocking POWER3 based CPU’s for this very
    reason. They’re solid chips that have many years worth of data to show
    their reliability. They’re also shielded to hell and back against radiation
    and extreme temperature shifts.

  6. Justin King

    What in the goofyness was that! THY didn’t won’t free gear, Trade or sell
    it. Hello!!!!!! Great show as usual. Peace

  7. Steven Rix

    @7minutes14secs: it is Atomos Shogun, a very great little product at the
    price of a canon 85mm f/1.2 What brand of main microphones are you guys
    using? (the silver ones sitting on the table).

  8. c0pyimitati0n

    If you go to Colorado, everybody is gonna be RIPPED! Screw drinking beer,
    they have legal marijuana! Beer makes me do stupid shit, marijuana makes me
    record videos, play video games, and watch tv.

  9. kingalias

    I work in marketing, and you’d be surprised how many press releases have
    “fake” quotes. A good PR firm isn’t going to put out damaging information,
    or a quote that is committed to a firm stance. Furthermore, it’s signed off
    by the person who is being “quoted.”

    It’s just a smoother way of making sure talking points are hit and that the
    quote flows with the rest of the press release. From my experience, people
    get in far more trouble with their own quotes than they do when it’s
    written by a marketing/pr person lol.

  10. c0pyimitati0n

    I picked up a Sigma 17-50 f2.8 last year and i LOVE it. Having a constant
    fstop across the board really helps out. I hated having to change my
    setting when i zoomed in with my kit lens. I also grabbed a Canon 85mm f1.8
    and a nifty fifty (Canon 50mm f1.8). These lenses are great, but i am
    noticing that my Canon t4i sucks for photography. It constantly misses

  11. The Hardware Cove

    on the canon side with magic lantern you could just use the auto restart
    option but wouldn’t really look great with one camera because you will see
    the small jump

  12. Paul Moadibe

    Thanks for this Rawtalk mobile !! I always like those mobile a lot.
    but you forgot something at the end… you didn’t take a photo of the
    entire group as usual !!??

  13. c0pyimitati0n

    The price has skyrocketed to basically the same price as the Canon 50mm,
    and actually you can find the Canon for CHEAPER than the Yongnuo. I did get
    to buy a Yongnuo at $59 about a week before the price went up.

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