24 thoughts on “Millions of genetically modified mosquitoes could be released in Florida

  1. DrJonathanMM

    And yet the Eco system has been further fucked up. Honey bees are in the
    brink of extinction due to pesticides, and now mosquitoes…

    Personally, I can’t them. But, reducing their population is going to just
    mess with the flow of things out there. 

  2. Chante Moody

    the goal of the scientists involved in genetically modifying the mosquitos
    sounds noble; but , what if something goes wrong (for example, what if
    these genetically modified insects accidentally spread the diseases
    theyhave been modified with)?

  3. Erk Ergül

    Mosquitos spread AIDS and even more terrible shit that have no cure and
    will make you be tired rest of your life before paralysing you… They are
    also annoying soo yeah ?

  4. Daniel conde masagão ribeiro

    fuck i didnt know NM waas also affected by those little bastards here wer
    effed by aedis every summer 

  5. John Gault

    Anyone that lives in Florida is well aware of the Love Bug infestation that
    comes every year around April/May.. this is why people are against this.
    The love bugs were released to kill the mosquitoes.. it backfired now every
    year we got these damn things flying around in swarms fucking like rabbits.
    These scientific fuck ups happen all the time. One year in the Boston area
    in the early 80’s some dumb-ass released a caterpillar that reproduced so
    many times that by August of that year Boston looked like the middle of
    winter. These caterpillars ate every fucking leaf off every fucking tree..
    it was a mess. These things were every where. You could sit outside and all
    you could hear were these things munching on leaves. I remember riding my
    bicycle down the street and running them over. It sounded like I was riding
    on bubble wrap. These things would pop and squirt out this greenish yellow
    snot looking crap.. man it was gross. Luckily it was a one time event.

  6. irisn roses

    Male mosquitos do not suck blood but im a little worried about them passing
    diseases on to the offspring and a few of them survinving. I dont really
    know how it all works but i still dont think its worth messi g with it

  7. gentblue

    Everyone knows (or should know) that the Florida love bug vs. mosquito
    urban legend is untrue. I am still against the plan since it clearly
    Darwins super-mosquitos into being, perhaps armed with e.coli, herpes and

  8. Kimberly Patton

    I am from the Keys and Homestead Fla…the mosquitoes are insane! I’m all
    for it,after camping in the Everglades one year around Christmas it got
    down to 18° one night and they still followed you in black clouds…they
    are so brave that they will dive bomb your eyelids and eyes.Wearing Deep
    woods off only works temporarily in summer as you’ll soon sweat it off
    while outside because of the humidity….the diesel spray they go through
    neighborhoods with works for about a minute.

  9. SeanTheOriginal

    So the only answer to this problem is mosquito genocide?
    Wouldn’t that have some reverberative effect on the environment, if we
    killed most, if not all, wild mosquitoes?

    I’m all for getting rid of them fuckers, but it’s only a matter of time
    before the government weaponizes them to have ricin in their system, or
    some shit like that.

  10. Gms Holland

    this is how the cave ape made AIDS… remember if you come to south america
    where i am from.. slave descendants dont die of cancer but in america my
    people DIE OF CANCER so much other people would think cancer attacks our
    people AS WELL… but it doesnt.. they just exposed to GMO food… cave ape
    people get cancer from just being in the sun, my people are dying from the
    same diseases they die from in america… that GMO food got the rocked…
    edomites… so called caucasian people are the devil.. they are a race of
    frankensteins… they need to be exterminated….

  11. chicagocubs10601

    Who the hell would sign a petition against this? Mosquitoes are the very
    worst life form on earth. They do *no* good other than providing a food
    source for birds and bats and I’m sure those animals can find another,
    better food source anyway. Mosquitoes spread disease and suck your blood…
    They’re just horrible. Life is 100% better without them. I’ve been wanting
    this to happen for a long time now. Mosquito extinction. 

  12. Kreativ Henry

    ohhhh dayum, good job. They should make a genetically modified Human horny
    males to stop them from being horny and stop the rape and sexuall assult
    against women.

  13. Leonardo Monreal

    Yes , let’s modify mosquitos to have e-coli and herpes in their dna so they
    can transfer those genes to their offspring and die!

    I mean what could possibly go wrong from this?? It’s not like they can
    infect humans with what they carry, it’s been scientifically proven they

    I mean common guys.. it not like this is a test or anything.

  14. Zombiestampede

    Whoever signed the petition must live up north where it’s too cold for
    those fuckers to even exist. I want them dead, and gone.

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