25 thoughts on “Morgellons -Local Florida News coverage

  1. countdemonite

    are the people trying to create some new symbiote than makes fibers and
    cover our human body and turn us into Venom? NOOOOOOO

  2. noopy4444

    ofcourse there is no known substance match duh it is not from this world
    and duh who obviously cannot see the connection that chemtrails cause
    morgellons?and no we all dont just have bugs crawling on us ..but you will
    if you get moregellons..they created this the pilots spraying this did not
    know and were lied to..

  3. lu el

    they use people as guinea pigs, of course all the people affected will
    receive medical tests otherwise how the hell would they know about their
    next monstrosity?

  4. cougn

    Whit all my heart, I wish one day, morgellons hit you right in ur face… u
    and all people who judge and think it’s psycological disorder. I got it. I
    never THOUGHT in my entire life that all that can happen. I search & search
    to finally find that a lot of people got WeirD, SCARY things, hair, coming
    out of their skin. How thousand people, all around the world can have the
    same symptoms, without knowing each other? My boy see it, my mother, people
    I work whit. They are all crazy too?!?

  5. kavhunt

    Todays arrogant corporate medicine shame on you! How dare you! May all of
    you arrogant know-it-all asshole doctors who refuse to even look at what is
    so plainly obvious calling us crazy, sending us away in pain with no releif
    in a sea of available drugs. You are DOING GREAT HARM! I wish for you to
    get it and eat your own pathetic assembly line corporate medicine in
    payment for your breach of oath.

  6. gulesh01

    I don’t know if I get your question. But you have to look everywhere.
    Multiple medical agencies and universities looking at it, thousands of
    families registered in the 5 digits or possibly more, actual doctors with
    real names giving press conferences, multiple reports on the news, footage
    of known doctors working to understand, none matching fibers to anything
    found in a house and a very poor but professionally convincing group of
    anonymous people dedicated

  7. gulesh01

    I would be willing to drop the subject if the CDC says its nothing but they
    prefer a creepy ever lasting silence. From what I see they pretty much know
    what the actual disease it they just don’t understand how it jumped
    species/came to be or if its environmental tampering. Main difficulties
    arise for the multitude of divided researching programs who still lack
    complete qualification to classify/understand. They need experts in many
    fields and CDC refuses to acknowledge prior research

  8. myeyerwideopen

    I have been warning people to check their cotton balls, toilet paper,
    qtips, clothing ect. you can see an embedded grey streight parasite in the
    GMO cotton. Genetically engineered food, chemtrails, polluted water. Look
    up blue goo and gray matter.

  9. BBWcutie

    Fibers are coming from “smart dust” being sprayed into the sky from
    chemtrails. Research toxicologist who knows nanotechnology and get the
    recommended far infrared sauna. Make sure it doesn’t have metal framework
    that could be dangerous. Sit in the sauna for hours a day and use
    oxygenated creams or ozonated oils on lesions. do the “pedifix” and “endure
    300″ soap trick – research this to get the goo out of the lesions

  10. RandyBful1

    The fibers are no mystery. You don’t have to look any further than the
    poisons in the food and drugs – like silicon dioxide! If you refuse to
    believe that the elite want you sick, then just keep ingesting that shit!
    Peanuts have their own oil; but we need GMO canola, soy and cottonseed oils
    to make the peanut butter! Right! Wake up, zombies!

  11. raffi7900

    people who have this should try to make some of this Colloidal Silver it
    works people and its easy to make too its all on the internet

  12. NOmeansnoFAN

    O have been following the CDC’s work on this disease. They sub contracted
    the work to Kaiser Permanente 2 years ago. I have an online friend who
    works for them in San Jose and she looked it up on their database, with NO
    RESULTS. The investigation is a scam the CDC is doing nothing, for years
    now! site updated a year ago with no answers or progress.

  13. Julia Leigh Brooks

    It has been around for a long time. So, it should be in the mainstream news
    more. I think this disease is of other worldly origins. Thank You for
    Posting this. Angel Eyes.

  14. drumheadcircle

    Maybe it is caused by the wormer coke dealers were (are?) cutting coke w.
    The worms mutated and are spreading to non-coke users(only?). What a way
    for them to get us to use their product-it could be the only cure.

  15. Boris Maskirovka

    ..2011..and still silence from the CDC. … … of course their “morgellons
    study” was obviously nothing more than a stall for time…the CDC needed a
    way out of “investigating” this gmo fiasco. However..there are some bright
    bunnies at the CDC that know how to think on their feet under pressure…
    …give the study to the US Army Pathology labs…Ft Detrick will know what
    to do… *keep their mouths shut and make the investigation…go away.

  16. happinesson

    Doctors are only human. Their knowledge are limited to their learning.
    Let’s just hope that someday they will find the reason behind this disease
    so they can have the treatment for it. The symptoms are alarming.

  17. Anddi

    They are killing our bees as well which we know will hurt our food
    supplies…not to mention HAARP weather altering that has bees coming out
    too early when it’s so warm, then to have them get frozen..not good. For
    more info of what their hidden agenda is watch= “Commitee of 300 by John
    Coleman” ….their plan is to kill 90% of the world population. And have a
    NWO with a devil running the world, enslaving the few people left

  18. Sonya Pailes

    Two of my sons had this while we were in Fl months ago… I didn’t know
    what it was… I used grapefruit seed on it first twice a day then covered
    it in goldenseal/ comfrey salve and it cured itself in about 6 days.

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