25 thoughts on “Orlando Officer Run Over By Suspect

  1. Toho Central

    …And everybody just left him there till another cop came….yeah. I can
    understand not wanting to interfere with police operations, but come on! At
    least try to help the guy!

  2. 716saint

    Yeah….. just hopping, hop in front of the car of a suspect. I have a gun
    so, no problemo.

    thank god he’s still alive.

  3. Filipe Cunha

    I hope the cop shot that guy and that he died minutes later. And people say
    police officers are cold. If i were him i would shot that runner in the
    back and chace the other and knock him off a cliff.

  4. the777

    Umm…….did anyone see this officer get run over?? Pretty sure he was
    hit and flew backward. “Run over”…….not so much.

  5. espltdguitarlover

    A routine traffic stop? since when did routine cover drawing a weapon on a
    person being stopped? If the “suspect was being stopped for a routine
    traffic violation and was scared for his life because a officer was
    pointing a weapon at him i would run him over also and keep going.
    I wish that Global Leaks would put a bit more detail as to WHY the suspect
    was pulled over. This looked like a felony stop which is why the officer
    had his weapon drawn already. And which is why the suspect ran/and drove
    over the officer…

  6. darkslayer1000000

    I noticed everyone on here saying “he’s faking his injuries and playing
    dead” fail to realize that the cop was probably slammed onto the car that
    was in the front since the cop did run in between both cars. I’m sure some
    sort of leg injury occurred there. 

  7. Ruud

    If he was off duty, he did not have the right to pull someone over, with a
    gun already ready to shoot, and he did not have the right to shoot?

  8. Edwin Hernandez

    That dumb cop just wanted a reason to shoot the suspect by placing himself
    in front of the vehicle so he can later say “I feared for my life”. Well,
    that’s what happens when you play stupid games. I’m not gonna say that he
    deserved to get run over, but…he sure won the stupid prize for that day.

  9. O Catala SoCal

    I can’t believe you still wonder why no one got close to the cop and help.
    This is what they get. They lost the respect of the public a while ago. We
    can’t risk having a confrontation with a cop going through a power trip. I
    avoid cops whenever I can, I take alternate routes if I know cops hang out
    in a certain area of town. They have become nothing less than a gang. A
    gang backed by the entire “justice” apparatus.

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