23 thoughts on “Pastor Paul Begley on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report Podcast October 8 2014

  1. Tribulation Prepper

    Are You serious??????? It is not hard to find how far Paul Begley is off
    from truth… Catholic pushing propaganda.

  2. SovereignFOTL

    Jacob-Israel encamped roundabout by armies, look no further than USA
    itself, the prophecied confederacy of nations that most embodies the line
    of Jacob, its ppl surrounded by the Synagogue of Satan’s (World Jewry in
    control of the west) proxy Russian and assorted UN forces encamped in
    FORMER U.S. army bases, your own troops sent out to fight the proxy wars on
    behalf of the counterfeit Israel

  3. SovereignFOTL

    1:05:50 “millions of JEWS and millions of Christians were martyred”? Does
    this ‘pastor’ even know what martyred means? How are EDOMITE Jews martyred?
    Ignorant fool. There probably weren’t even ‘millions’ of Edomites back then
    anyway. As for his false belief that Israel has been reestablished, i’m
    sick and tired of talking about it, blind fool

  4. SovereignFOTL

    its JEWS playing off Christians and Muslims b/c they’re only 0.2% of the
    world’s population but control EVERYTHING, they decide who goes to war and
    when, THEY decide how many Muslims will enter any given Christian nation
    every year, THEY created ISIS, grow a brain dumbass Judeo-Christians

  5. Joe Alvarez Fitness (JFIT)

    I love the HnH shows! huge fan great info. BUT Doug n Joe always seem to
    have the energy of the 2 muffin ladies on SNL. Good times good times…

  6. Michal Villafana

    Oh yee of little faith. It seems like everyone is a false prophet or
    teacher to you people. You are wrong. I enjoy Pastor Begley. If you want a
    false teacher go listen to Joel Olsteen you sheeple and trolls

  7. AwakeDude911 .

    Pastor Paul Begley what a JOKE !

    that guy is what they call a false TEACHER…

    listen he says I did this and I did that …a man of god ALWAYS put GOD
    first not HIS works first…

    what a TURD on tonight !

  8. Tom Tapp

    ISRAEL…..do we have a friend in ISRAEL????? YOU are delusional “Pastor”

  9. Griffin Walker

    Pastor Paul is right, their has been only one person diagnosed with Ebola
    and he died. The government is hyping this to gain greater control. Don’t
    buy into it!

  10. HISIAM888RUHIS888

    Pastor Begley..That dream sounds like a “Spiritual Attack” from the enemy!
    I would think if it was from God..He would have told you or given you more
    information regarding the present or future! Thank you for sharing your
    testimony & writing your books. I watch your youtube broadcasts but have
    really never been to your website. Love the Hagmans & their ministy!!

  11. HISIAM888RUHIS888

    PS. I also have been …literally “paralyzed by fear!” before. It goes all
    the way to the bone! When this happened to me..I wasn’t that spiritually
    mature to know I had “Authority over that spirit!” & could “Cast it Out!”
    It had to do with my mom who had committed suicide & me & my husband stayed
    in her room the night before the funeral .I could “FEEL” the Darkness! &
    was Terrified & had my husband lay on me to cover me.(from the fear..But it
    didn’t help). It eventually left. I won’t ever forget it!

  12. stephen moore

    Michael v Christians can agree to disagree sometimes . Let’s no fight
    between ourselves . That is what satan wants don’t let him win !!

  13. notreconstructed

    I’m cool with paul , this guy thinks the Catholic Church is Christian and
    that pope John Paul was a man of God . looser this guy is a catholic clown
    and his doctrine of salvation is wacked . I don’t care if he is aware of
    the “times” I will never sit at a table with somone who promotes the whore
    church . pastor paul . what a joke , you Liers aren’t fooling me , you guys
    are all about money .

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