23 thoughts on “Raw: Florida SpaceX Launch Ends in Failure

  1. Johnny Reynoso

    Jeez…. USA’s brightest nerds couldn’t replicate the successful rocket
    launches that took us to the moon in 1969!!!

  2. zEropoint68

    nobody died?

    well… okay then. sh*t happens, right? build another one. yes, it’s
    expensive, but if you’re not down to lose a few rockets, you should
    probably get out of rocketry. like cdr. kelly (who is *on* the space
    station right now) said when he watched this, “space is hard.”

  3. j6663000

    Rocketry is dangerous and failures are common… this is not surprising,
    and it certainly does not disprove the 1969 moon landing.

    This comment section is full of morons.

  4. whichtimesarethese?

    Planned event. Anybody else note the complete lack of emotion and surprise
    ,in his voice, at this explosion.

  5. You are a slave of the New World Order

    This is what happens when the Federal Government is Broke. They can’t even
    launch a routine basic rocket into the air.

  6. Guiping He

    This is the consequence of de-industrialization of the United States

    US aerospace industry is about to collapse

  7. true story

    With all the advances made in technology we still launch rockets that fail
    – NASA should probably update their methods or at least use the alien
    technology their hiding

  8. Tommy Holmes

    We deserve better than this !!! and paying Russia to Launch our Personnel
    and supplies isn’t the Answer !!! This is probably better than our ICBMs
    would do if we actually needed them !!!! STOP THE BS Its time to show
    FROM THE PUBLIC !!!!!!

  9. IndifferentDude

    In fifty years many things could have been achieved at least; self
    contained clusters of space stations on the moon and its vicinity, growing
    food in green houses, launch stations in low gravity, laboratories, jungles
    of solar panels, communication, deep space telescopes, military
    purposes,etc plus a small resort for 100 millions a person to finance
    everything with surplus. On a second though, forget about all of that, how
    about three tiny cameras stationed nearby the Apollo landing zone with
    live feed to a web page!!!

  10. Dragos-Cristian Gherasim

    SpaceX rocket explodes after launch

    It was unmanned, and astronauts aboard the International Space Station
    still have 4 months of supplies. But it’s the third failed cargo mission to
    ISS in 8 months.

  11. Brad Garcia

    The “anomoly” occurs at about 0:51.

    It appears to me that something bad happened with the upper stages, rather
    than a problem with the first stage itself.

  12. smoothly abrasive

    This is the third failure in a row. Catastrophic explosion and perhaps we
    need to think about this long and hard. The THIRD in a row in around 8 or
    nine months! That is a high failure rate. Are we prepared to send our
    people up in a rocket during a manned mission? I can’t stand the thought
    of losing more astronauts (Columbia/Challenger shuttle disasters) and even
    though this is an entirely different program, I can’t get that thought of 3
    failures in a row out of my mind.

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