25 thoughts on “REALIST NEWS – Moving Back To Florida This Week – Stay Tuned…

  1. bodymanruss518

    I wish you luck bud,…but I really think you are making a mistake. But
    either way,….keep your eyes open and your family safe. Be inventive and
    secure ways to keep the defenses up. It is a little slower paced lifestyle
    where you were at I am sure, as I used to live in NC moutnains. I am
    looking to move to SC here soon, as where I am at, is not my desired
    location. Too many people and far too many ways to get caught up in trouble
    when the bow finally breaks!

  2. madstoppie

    Jason, the world will continue to turn and nothing bad is going to happen.
    Get out of this negative movement and trend perpetuated on youtube and
    things will get better because your mind will be better. My 2 cents, you
    know I care about you.

  3. jim1a2a

    Hi Jsnip All the best on the move – you moved to Tenn and that move gave
    you the knowledge it was’nt for you – you would never have known unless you
    had the nerve to try – simple philosophy but simple works in life!

  4. slobomotion

    Uprated. I appreciate your candor. A “plan B” is always necessary and must
    be funded. Otherwise, people get stuck when things don’t work out.

  5. slobomotion

    That is a nice message to him and I understand it. My families on both
    sides have been thinking your way for a hundred years that I know of, and
    can research, and that’s why they’re all stuck in misery. Cherished
    illusions are held dear, but currently realities kill. That’s my two cents,
    and have a good week (I quite agree about unplugging from negative stuff —
    I expatriated).

  6. yaahme

    Snipper allow me to help U with the move…I’ll move your load of Silver
    for you and will not even charge you storage fees, moving fees, insurance
    fees etc ;)

  7. OutlawUniverse

    Got to do what makes you happy. I can’t imagine wanting to live in Florida
    over Tennessee. Granted I’d take an IT job in Florida over a restaurant job
    in Tennessee. I work from home and want to leave NJ really bad. Only reason
    I haven’t is I have a large warehouse. I would have to move everything in
    my warehouse and that would be quite a undertaking.

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