7 thoughts on “Sally Kohn on Planned Parenthood Florida Testimony — Fox News

  1. Chris Schandevel

    You tell, ‘em, Sally! The women’s rights movement has come so far in
    America by coming up with safe, legal ways for women to “get rid of their
    children.” I mean, what would career-minded women do if we didn’t have
    convenient ways for them to “get rid of their children” available?! (I feel
    compelled to leave a note clarifying that the above comment is intended
    sarcastically given how far out there some people have gone supposedly in
    the name of “women’s rights.”)

  2. SandcastleDreams

    Murder is murder…a serial killer is put away for life, electrocuted or
    put in the gas chamber an abortionist is paid and gets to go home. I can’t
    believe these idiots believe anybody has a choice in whether or not the
    baby should live.

  3. Douglas Koch

    You know what I love about “news”, especially on “Faux News” is that they
    take one phrase out of context and balloon it into a massive conspiracy or
    issue when there is none. They are fear stokers because their relatively
    uninformed audience feed on it. Gives them their anit-Obama,
    anti-government, anti-american stance substance. It is quite disgusting.
    Nice job though Sally!

  4. MrReasonablethinker

    Out of context – right. So, by your standard, life and death are matters of
    context. Interesting. I guess stopping at a red light is also a matter of
    context (i.e., if I don’t SEE a car approaching or in the intersection, I
    don’t need to stop). Does that work for you? And don’t go there with
    “stopping at a red light is the law”. MURDER is against the law – and
    that’s what abortion and killing a botched-abortion baby are. Oh, and your
    cute reference to “Faux News” is old Dougie. Get a new gig.

  5. dmreeoogdaq

    Ms. Kohn, the reality of abortion is that it is the deliberate termination
    of a human life. That fact alone outweighs all other considerations,
    except for instances where the life of the mother is threatened by
    childbirth. This is simply not debatable. There is a law much higher than
    man’s law, (whether or not one recognizes it is irrelevant–it still
    exists), and woe be unto man when he assumes that his law supercedes that
    higher law. 

  6. Genuilon X

    With so many already-existing children suffering in the world, people think
    that defending a pack of uteral tissue a worthy cause? Oh wait….shouldn’t
    tumors, bacteria and viruses have their rights too?!

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