1. dragonkiller589

    well the weirdest thing ive seen on the beach is a computer but the
    weirdest part about it is that it was fully working and there was extension
    leads going back to a hotel across the road needless to say someone stole

  2. scott mccowan

    When ordering Sex on the Beach, it means a Drink. Not PDAs.
    The Brother’s a BAMF and now award out there can be given for it.

  3. NotebookMovies

    I used to live in an apartment building with a pool and I was awakened one
    night by a couple having sex in the pool. I probably should have put it on
    the internet, but this guy only lasted like 5 / 10 minutes. LoL

  4. jexel666

    Strangest thing ive seen on the beach was a drunk woman asking ppl if they
    had been stung by a jellyfish cos she really needed to pee, i always
    wondered y she didn’t ask where the nearest toilet was lol

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