25 thoughts on “Teen bitten in face by poisonous water moccasin

  1. Taylor Simpson

    the title of the video needs changed. Snakes are not poisonous, they are
    venomous. There is a difference. Venom is injected directly into the
    blood stream such as a spider bite, bee sting, snake bite, scorpion sting
    ect… poison is ingested or absorbed through the skin, such as poison ivy,
    poisonous berries, poisonous mushrooms, licking a poisonous frog, ect…
    They are not the same thing. You can swallow rattlesnake venom and be
    fine, you cannot swallow a poisonous frog and be fine. You can rub
    rattlesnake venom on your skin and be fine, you cannot rub poison ivy on
    your skin and be fine.

  2. Rodolfo Padilla Ruiz

    215k usd. Its really expensive to be stupid in usa.

    Bein serious, I cant even imagine how horrible would be if by bad luck or
    accident you get bit in the US. Really scary. Do you have a better option
    with insurance ?

  3. excellentsamuraid

    VENOMOUS not POISONOUS. There is a difference. Holy hell, ABC, do your
    research before you post a news article to live television.

  4. Yogaflame911

    Trying to save his life? Let darwinism take its course and kill off this
    idiot so he doesnt reproduce with his sister

  5. Nick “Eagle's Flight” Harrington

    People love to kiss their pets, it’s not something I’ve ever understood,
    but they do it. This guy, isn’t keeping the right kinds of pets for that
    kind of affection:

  6. Shiva Richmond

    50.000 dollar for a snake bite damn, Where I’m from atleast its free to be
    stupid. We care for our less gifted citizens

  7. Mattie M.

    He doesn’t deserve to be charged with anything!
    That bite should be enough because that venom is probably affecting his
    Asshole laws.

  8. Tommy Holmes

    I was canoeing in I believe the Ockalla, ?? Florida area in the early 70s
    reached up to push a branch away and got bit !!! it was a Black Water
    moccasin, there were thousands in that area and specifically along the fast
    moving streams, I was rushed to a Doctor got 2, shots,(i had immediately
    put a belt around arm and drawn out some blood/venom) but i was fine !!!
    this fish and wildlife guy is full of crap they are native to Florida and
    always have been ?????????????

  9. assbitchfucky

    well maybe they should have left him, if he is gonna fuck with a snake like
    that then don’t b e fuckin surprised when it kills you. same reason you
    cant get mad when you LOOK DOWN A GUN BARREL AND GET SHOT

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