16 thoughts on “Two Teens Attacked by Sharks in Florida on the Same Day

  1. OrchidWings

    The report makes it seem as though there population is increasing in a bad
    way; if people know that those beaches are more prone to shark attacks then
    don’t go there.

  2. kerushi chan

    People, before you start worrying about sharks, remember that you’re more
    likely to be struck by lightning twice in a row than nibbled on by a shark.
    Oh, or more likely to drown in your tub, or killed by a falling coconut, or
    mauled to death by your dog, or die in a car collision, or be crushed by
    your fridge. 

  3. Mike Penisenormous

    These sharks need to be eliminated. Bad enough they eat our food but to
    also attack humans is unacceptable.

  4. SilverBunnyStudios

    The ocean is the sharks home, it has been for thousands of years. Every
    time you step foot in the ocean you are taking a chance at being attacked
    by a shark, jellyfish, saltwater crocodile, electric eel, or anything else
    that lives in the ocean. You basically sign a contract before you step foot
    in the water that says it’s okay, and it’s risk you are willing to take. So
    people need to stop putting the blame on sharks getting to close to the
    shore, it is their freaking home they can go where ever the hell they want!
    If you don’t like it don’t trespass!! If someone broke into my home it
    would be within my rights to attack that person and protect myself and my
    home. Why should it be any different for a shark? Not to mention all these
    attacks I am seeing aren’t even attacks, more like curious nibbles as to
    see what the hell is in front of the shark; sharks are like babies, they
    inspect the world through their mouths. If you were really attacked by a
    shark, where it is literally out for blood and looking at you as a meal,
    than you would either be dead by drowning/blood loss or would have had to
    lose a leg to get out of its mouth. 

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