25 thoughts on “#UseMeInstead: Clergy face off with Florida cops over use of mugshots of black men

  1. Greg Burton

    god I fucking hate these faggoty do gooders. maybe if most criminals
    weren’t black, then this wouldn’t have happened in the first place

  2. Controlled Opposition

    They probably just chose random mugshots, and the fact that black people do
    the majority of the crime, six black thugs popped up. This is race

  3. dividedby0

    Come on RT, we have enough race baiting in the US. We don’t need if from
    you too. If anything, you should do the opposite of what US Zionist media
    is trying to do. 

  4. Yankeeprepperasshat

    So let’s explore the possibility that if violent criminals were 90% white,
    they would have white dudes’ mug shots as target practice. This isn’t
    necessarily racist at all. They are using the pictures of convicted
    criminals as target practice. The only thing anyone should be upset about
    is the fact that a staggeringly high percentage of violent criminals are
    black. But recognizing this wouldn’t be PC. We are supposed to ignore
    statistics. Statistics aren’t racist. People are.

  5. Starvin Marvin

    Black people while a 13% of the population account for more than 3/4 of all
    violent crime and those idiot protesters have a problem with the police?

  6. edward leonard

    Why Don’t They Just Use Silhouettes of Anyone Eating a Fried Chicken Leg
    and a Slice of Watermelon and Stop Being So Racist!! Geez!! 

  7. PITTR

    They always spy on blacks (or others to target & practice supremacy)
    believe me I know, Which makes it easier for corrupt or even racist cops to
    find targets, just like Michael Brown, Kelly Thomas & Eric Garner

  8. working2Bselfsufficient

    This is old news they already changed them.Its so they have pictures of
    real people to shoot at.They arnt all black there’s all kinds genders ages
    ect.They apologized and won’t buy from that manufacturer anymore.I still
    don’t know why anyone cares it’s all public record and they didn’t put
    names on them.This was found out when a female officer saw her brother on
    one of them.That would upset me so I understand the need for change but
    people shoot at Obama targets and all kinds of people and they don’t get in
    this kind of backlash even after they apologized and arnt ordering any from
    that company and no mugshots will be used now will be computer
    generated.Its to be able to tell people who are somewhat closely in facial
    features so they can identify the correct target.They use white people
    Spanish and even elders of all genders.rt go report on something worth

  9. plaubel28

    I use any pics of Justin Beaver for target practice if I come upon one.
    That does not mean I am inclined to shoot spoiled, rich, Canadian POP
    stars. Grow up RT and report the news.

  10. JGD1985

    I think it was more of the fact that police were using mugshots of
    criminals for target practice. It just so happens that a very
    disproportionate amount of violent criminals are black. Go to any state
    prison, and despite being around 14 percent of the US population they are a
    majority of the prison population. Hey, whites get blamed and criticized
    for everything these days, so it’s time for blacks to take some
    responsibility for their actions.

  11. windinhishare

    Pro-Black scum-niggers make a problem about everything.
    Now this is abt to be some new big stupid social media trend just like
    #icantbreathe and #niggerlivesmatter 

  12. proticalsonn

    Negro’s are committing violent crimes so much more than all other races
    combined. I don;t blame the cops, no doubt some became cops because violent
    negro’s raped, beat or killed one of their relatives!

  13. blockaderunner

    The whole shooting match has been white rule.

    But the old left is beginning to split, as the Democrats did in 1860. The
    liberals’ Faithful Colored Companions have been overridden by brown
    Hispanics, who are beginning to demand their OWN voice, unlike blacks. The
    gay vote bloc and the feminists are not so slave-like as blacks are.

    White anti-whites are going to be shocked that their nice safe boat, with
    brown folks obediently rowing it, will stop being safe. This is happening
    now, but no one wants to talk about that, either.

    When the Republicans emerged in 1854 and took over the House of
    Representatives in 1855, the Whig Party was simply FORGOTTEN.

    In 1857, the Supreme Court stepped in with the Dred Scot Decision. A
    divided electorate could not find a consensus on the question of the
    expansion of slavery, so the Court stepped in and opened ALL territories to

    That was the last straw.

    Those who opposed the expansion of slavery openly were still a minority,
    but they won in 1860 because they were a UNITED minority. Within ten years,
    every nightmare of the old Democrats became a reality.

    Anti-white whites, your nightmare may be closer than you think, but you,
    like the old Southern Slavocracy, will be BLINDSIDED by where it REALLY
    comes from.

    Historical comparisons are useless if they are followed too literally. ALL
    I am saying is that no anti-white white can imagine his comfortable
    brown-rowed boat being unstable.

    Let me REPEAT:


    But my point is that this system is cracking apart. It’s just that no one
    wants to see it, least of all those who want to ignore race or who think
    the present system is doing something inevitable.

    Which is the anti-white theme.

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