7 tech executives who raise their kids tech-free or seriously limit their screen time

  • The effects of technology and prolonged screen time on children have been widely discussed and contested by experts and parents alike.
  • Tech moguls like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates raised their children mostly tech-free. 
  • Other execs, like Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel, strictly limit their children’s’ screen time throughout the week. 
  • Here is how seven of the world’s most notable tech executives limit their children’s contact with technology. 
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In a world that relies on technology more and more every day, it can be difficult for adults to set healthy boundaries for their children. 

In 2019, after the World Health Organization released guidelines dictating that children aged 5 and under should have no more than one hour of screen time a day, the debate over how parents should monitor their kids’ exposure to tech intensified. 

Even tech moguls themselves have called into question the effects of excess screen time on developing brains. Pioneers like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have said they had strict boundaries on technology when raising their kids, and they’ve cautioned parents about letting children spend too much time in front of a screen. 

Other CEOs, like Google’s Sundar Pichai, impose strict limits on their children’s use of technology at home.

From digital curfews to banning devices at the dinner table, here is a list of how seven tech giants raise their kids with little to no technology.

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