A bunch of new features that could be coming to your iPhone later this year may have just leaked ahead of Apple’s announcement

  • Apple may be developing a new fitness app, more features for iMessage, and improved functionality for the Apple Pencil as part of iOS 14, according to MacRumors.
  • The fitness app would display guided workout videos and will reportedly work across iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV.
  • iMessage may reportedly get new features for tagging people in conversations and un-sending messages, while the Apple Pencil may get an update for automatically converting handwritten text into typed text.
  • Apple typically unveils its new iPhone software in June and releases it in the fall.
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Apple typically waits until June to unveil its new iPhone software at its Worldwide Developers Conference. But thanks to a slew of new leaks reported by MacRumors, we may already have an idea of what the next update — which will likely be called iOS 14 — could entail.

The new leaks suggest that iOS 14 could include a new fitness app for the iPhone, Apple Watch, and Apple TV as well as improvements to iMessage and the Apple Pencil. The features, although MacRumors warns they’re still in development and could be scrapped, suggest Apple is focusing on improving its core apps with iOS 14, as it did with iOS 13. 

Apple did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s request for comment. 

The fitness app would allow Apple device owners to download videos that would guide them through workouts on the Apple Watch. It sounds like the new app, which MacRumors says may be called Fit or Fitness when it’s released, would play a workout video on the iPhone or Apple TV with an accompanying guide on the Apple Watch.

If the app does end up launching as a part of Apple’s next major iPhone update, it would give the Apple Watch another quality it currently lacks in comparison to Fitbit. In recent years, Fitbit has been building up its digital services by offering a new Premium tier that offers curated workout and wellness plans for $10 per month. It sounds like Apple’s approach would be different, considering MacRumors says this app would be free, but it still gives Apple the curation aspect that the Apple Watch is missing.

Apple is also reportedly planning to bring a bunch of new features to iMessage, including the ability to tag other people in a conversation with the “@” symbol, similar to Slack. Apple’s iMessage service may also allow you to retract messages in iOS 14, although both the sender and recipient would be alerted that the message was erased, according to MacRumors. 

The Apple Pencil may be getting a big upgrade as well. Apple is reportedly preparing a feature that would let Pencil users write in any text field and then convert those words into typed text before it’s sent, says MacRumors. It sounds like the feature would work for all of Apple’s apps, like Mail and Messages, and third-party developers may be able to support it in their apps as well.

Other than these features, which MacRumors cautions may not make it into the final version of iOS 14, Apple is said to be focusing on stability and performance with its next big operating system upgrade. Apple is reportedly shaking up the way it tests software internally after last year’s iOS 13 update launched with bugs and glitches, according to Bloomberg.

Apple typically announces its software updates for major products like the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV before releasing them in the fall. 

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