A Chinese tech company you’ve never heard of made a smartwatch that looks identical to the Apple Watch — and it has a big feature Apple is missing (AAPL)

  • Chinese tech giant Oppo just launched a new smartwatch called the Oppo Watch, and it bears a striking resemblance to the Apple Watch.
  • But the Oppo Watch does have one important feature the Apple Watch lacks: sleep tracking. 
  • To track your sleep on the Apple Watch, you must download a third-party app, some of which cost money.
  • The launch comes as Apple has dominated the wearable tech market through its popular Apple Watch and AirPods.
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Chinese smartphone giant Oppo just launched a new smartwatch, and it should look very familiar to anyone who has ever seen an Apple Watch.

The newly announced Oppo Watch, which the company teased ahead of its full unveil, has an aluminum frame and ceramic back much like that of Apple’s wearable. The watch’s overall shape and form factor look nearly identical to that of Apple’s popular smartwatch, although Oppo’s watch lacks Apple’s signature digital crown.

But Oppo’s watch has one key feature that the Apple Watch doesn’t: sleep tracking. Rivals like Fitbit have offered native sleep-monitoring features for years, but you have to install third-party apps to track your slumber on Apple’s wrist-worn wearable. However, Apple is reportedly planning to add sleep tracking to its smartwatch in 2020.

Apple’s grip on the wearables industry has tightened in recent years. The iPhone maker toppled competitors like Samsung and Xiaomi in the third quarter of 2019 to become the market leader for wearables thanks to products like the Apple Watch and AirPods, claiming 35% of the market share for that quarter, according to the International Data Corporation. Apple’s wearables, home, and accessories division is also now a $10 billion business for the company, making it the firm’s third largest product category behind the iPhone and digital services.

Here’s a closer look at Oppo’s new smartwatch, which launches in mainland China on March 24. The watch will cost 1,499 yuan, or roughly $215, according to reports from The Verge and other tech outlets. That’s significantly cheaper than the Apple Watch Series 5, which starts at $400, and is just slightly more expensive than the older $200 Series 3.

The company says the watch will be available globally, but don’t count on it coming to the United States. Oppo doesn’t have retail partners in the US, although some of its phones are available on Amazon.

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