From pay cuts to permanent work-from-home, here’s how Silicon Valley companies are thinking about the future of work

The future of Silicon Valley may bear little resemblance to the thriving hub we knew before the pandemic. 

Since the coronavirus pandemic hit the US in March, tech companies based in San Francisco Bay Area have largely shut down their sprawling campuses and asked employees to work from home — in some cases, forever.

Eventually, whether it’s in January, next summer, or beyond, those offices will reopen their doors, but office life is unlikely to resemble the before times for the workers who choose to return. 

For some companies, that may mean a rethink to their physical spaces in order to prevent the spread of disease. For others, it may mean changing their real estate plans altogether, opting instead for a new type of office, or none at all. In some cases, it may mean rethinking where employees live and how they’re paid. 

Here’s how tech’s biggest companies are planning for the future of work.

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