Here’s how the stock market performed under President Donald Trump, and how it compares to previous administrations

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US President Donald Trump speaks to the press as he departs the White House in Washington, DC, on October 21, 2020. – Trump travels to North Carolina for a “Make America Great Again” rally.

President Donald Trump’s one-term presidency is officially over, with President Joe Biden becoming the 46th President of the United States on Wednesday.

With Trump’s presidency officially in the books, so is the stock market’s performance during his four-year term.

Here’s how the stock market performed under Trump, and how it compared to previous administrations.

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average returned 56% during the Trump presidency, according to LPL. This represents an annualized gain of 11.8%, which is the best performance for any Republican president since Calvin Coolidge during the roaring 1920’s.

“This was still below the annualized returns of Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama,” LPL’s Chief Market Strategist Ryan Detrick said in a note on Wednesday.

The annualized return of the Dow was 12.1% and 15.9% for Obama and Clinton, respectively. 

During Trump’s presidency, the Dow made 126 new all-time highs, which was slightly more than Obama’s 123, but still lower than Clinton’s 263. Both Obama and Clinton served two terms as president.

And since election day and up until inauguration day, President Joe Biden saw the sharpest gain on record in the S&P 500 of 12.8%, according to LPL. This compares to Trump’s gain of 6.2%, and the previous record holder of John F. Kennedy and Bill Clinton, when the S&P 500 surged 8.8% between election day and inauguration day. 

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