Here’s where you can buy the same custom mattresses that these 13 hotel brands use in their guest rooms

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  • While domestic travel has started to pick back up, most travelers are opting for close-to-home trips and many are choosing vacation rentals rather than hotels due to safety concerns.
  • But you don’t have to book a luxe hotel stay to sleep in a cozy hotel bed. You can create a comfy escape in your own bedroom. 
  • Many boutique hotels stock startup mattress brands we love in guest rooms, but there’s nothing quite like the familiar feeling of a plush traditional hotel mattress.
  • These mattresses are typically custom made for hotel brands specifically, and available to buy for those wanting to replicate the experience at home.
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While domestic travel has started to pick back up, the novel coronavirus continues to sweep the US. With lockdowns implemented in many states earlier this year and a potential second wave on the horizon, we all have been sleeping in our own beds a little — or a lot more — than initially planned this year. Plus, even those who are traveling right now are often opting for vacation rentals, RVs, and even sleeping in camper vans to avoid interacting with other guests.

And with a lot of extra anxiety weighing on, well, everyone right now, getting a good night’s rest is more important than ever. We’re always testing the best mattresses on the market, from established, top-tier names like Sleep Number to startups like Leesa, Casper, and Saatva. While the Leesa Hybrid is our overall favorite, we’ve also identified the best mattress for side sleepers, the best mattress for back pain, and the best spring mattress.   

But sometimes, we too love to simply savor the decadence of a crisp hotel bed, which always seems to be a little loftier, pillow-ier, and fluffier, thanks in large part to the mattresses used.

While many boutique hotels are turning to startup brands to outfit their rooms, established chains and brands like Four Seasons, Hilton, Kimpton, and Sofitel still offer the traditional route of custom premium mattresses.

They’re often designed in collaboration with big names like Serta and are available to purchase online and use at home, which means you don’t have to wait for travel to reopen to sink into five-star-hotel worthy sleep. If you loved the bed you slept on at that Caribbean Marriott resort, know that you can likely order the very bed online.

While these are typically replicas of the exact mattress you’ll find in guest rooms, do note that some properties may differ from one to the next, and are subject to change. And once your bed is in place, complete the look with hotel-worthy sheets and bedding to make your bedroom feel like a real hotel room.

Sleep like you’re in a hotel on these 13 hotel-branded mattresses, available to purchase online.

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