I tried Red Lobster’s viral Mountain Dew ‘Dewgarita’ and it was a real-life monstrosity

  • Red Lobster is offering a limited-release of its “Dewgarita” at select restaurants this month. The seafood chain promises a wide-release by the end of the year.
  • The alcoholic Mountain Dew drink is taking the internet by storm as people gawk at the nuclear-colored concoction.
  • I tried the new margarita and was disappointed by its lack of Mountain Dew and overall flavor.
  • Many food chains are debuting bizarre creations that they hope will lure customers in, but I think they’ll have to try a little bit harder to make something actually good if they want them to keep coming back.
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  1. Red Lobster Mountain Dewgarita review

    Linh Ta/Business Insider

In a collaboration that puts even the weirdest cafeteria dare to shame, Pepsi and Red Lobster are rolling out a new drink known as the “Dewgarita.” 

The green, alcoholic concoction is one part Mountain Dew, one part tequila, but mostly, it’s a head-scratching viral talker that has piqued the curiosities of millennial social media. 

As the seafood chain endures its “most challenging time,” due to mandatory shutdowns and limited dine-in services, the company is exploring “strategic options” as it tries to keep its doors open despite sale losses, according to FSR Magazine.

It appears the absurd, $10 Mountain Dew and margarita mixture may be a move to boost foot traffic as restaurants nationwide rely on alcohol sales and the growing popularity of to-go cocktails to supplement their losses.

I ventured to my nearest Red Lobster to see if the Dewgarita is worth the shock-value hype.

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