I’ve been using Apple’s new iOS 14 for a few days and while there’s useful updates to Messages, the App Library is disappointing

  • Apple held its annual hardware event virtually on September 15 and released iOS 14 the next day.
  • The update had added changes to the home screen, Messages, Siri, and more.
  • Messages updates are already proving useful, but the App Library feels more like a band-aid than anything helpful or new.
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Apple just released iOS 14, with some major updates like home screen widgets and Siri, along with dozens of more minor adjustments. The beta version was released back in July, so many have had a few months to get acquainted with the new software. Some updates, like changing the default browser and email app, have been anticipated by iPhone owners for years. 

Every year with the new version of iOS, some of the coolest features debuted at WWDC end up being mostly inconsequential, at least to me, while other minor ones make daily tasks easier. After only a few days, I’m already a fan of changes Messages, while the new App Library didn’t seem like anything special. 

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