I’ve driven 7 different Porsches in the past year — and ranked them in order of how much I liked them

  • I’ve driven seven Porsche models since last year: the Panamera GTS Sport Turismo, the Cayenne Turbo, Coupé, and GTS; the 911 4S and Turbo S; and the Spyder.
  • The range of vehicles I’ve driven covers a lot of ground, including a wagon, SUVs, and of course, sports cars.
  • Porsche is making tremendous cars these days, and its lineup is among the best in the business
  • But I can still come up with a ranking! And the top Porsche is the remarkable 718 Spyder.
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Porsche is simply crushing it these days. Its lineup of vehicles is basically second to none, ranging from classic sports cars, such as the 911 and Cayman/Boxster/Spyder, to SUVs like the legendary Cayenne and popular Macan, to executive four-door versions of the Panamera.

I’ve been on a Porsche run since late last year, starting by driving the Cayenne Turbo and culminating with the 718 Spyder.

Each of these machines has been stupendously impressive. Porsche engineers continue to improve already great vehicles — a difficult job they make look easy.

Obviously, we have a roster drawn from different segments here — sedan, SUV, 2+2 sports cars, and a two-seat convertible — and it’s not like many shoppers are choosing between a car for hauling the family and one to explore the coast. So, take my ranking with a grain of salt. But I did it anyway, and here’s how these seven Porsches stacked up:

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