One broadcaster is putting virtual crowds in MLB games powered by the technology behind ‘Fortnite’ — here’s what they look like

  • Major League Baseball games will have virtual fans this season on Fox Sports. 
  • Silver Spoon studio is providing the virtual crowd, using the same technology behind the game “Fortnite.”
  • Other sports leagues have tried creative ways of making up for empty stadiums.
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The coronavirus has put most public events, including sports and concerts, on hold around the world.

As many countries see declining cases and hospitalizations, public life is slowly starting to reopen. In the US, however, cases continue to rise, with many states seeing record numbers of new cases nearly every day.

Major League Baseball is starting up its season, which was delayed back in March. Games will be broadcast on TV, but for now no fans will be allowed to attend. Fox Sports, one network that shows MLB games, announced that it would include virtual crowds in broadcasts to create a sense of normalcy.

Sports leagues in other countries have been similarly creative in coping with the eeriness of empty stadiums. Tech giant Softbank’s baseball team in Japan put the company’s Pepper robots in the stands, wearing jerseys and cheering for the team.

Here’s what the virtual crowds look like. 

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