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Hamelin 1 Subject Notebook


The Hamelin 1 Subject has 150 pages of college-ruled paper to accommodate notes-intensive courses, and it comes with access to a note management app. 

Of all the notebooks I’ve used throughout my life — from elementary to grad school — the ones I’ve held onto the most are the ones from my undergrad years. That’s why the Hamelin 1 Subject notebook with its sturdy cover is our pick for best college notebook. Not only will the notebook itself last, but electronic versions of your notes can last forever if you take advantage of the Scribzee app

According to Meghan Huber, assistant professor in mechanical and industrial engineering at University of Massachusetts at Amherst, “Choosing the right notebook paper is critical, now more than ever, since most classes are taught online. Especially in STEM courses, students might be required to upload their homework and exam problems to show their work.”

This is where students will really appreciate the Scribzee app that serves as a companion to the notebook. Students can take pictures of their notes and turn them into PDFs, send them to other people, organize them into folders, and add additional content like images. Uploading homework and exam problems to send to professors is a breeze. 

For further organization, the included peel-and-stick labels can be used to create dividers, label sections, and add bookmarks. Papers can be stored in one double-sided pocket in the front, which is somewhat flimsy card stock like that of the Five Star. The notebook comes in blue, red, white, black, purple, green, and yellow. 

The thick cover protected the pages well in our water test. The paper was very smooth to write on, and the pages tore out easily. The only test this notebook didn’t do well on was the wire pull test — the spiral wire that binds the notebook pulled out very easily. Traditionally, this is more of a problem with middle and high school students who get the wire stuck on their lockers. However, the pros of this notebook outweigh that one con, especially for college students.

Pros: Durable, works with Scribzee app to manage and send notes, includes organizational stickers, writing utensils glide smoothly on paper

Cons: Wire pulls out easily, cost adds up if you need to purchase multiple notebooks

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