The best screen cleaners

  • Common household cleaners can damage your phone’s screen and remove the protective, fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating, so it’s best to avoid them — especially if they have alcohol or ammonia in the formula.
  • Bleach can also destroy devices and render them useless. 
  • Most of the time, you can simply dip a microfiber cloth in some warm water and clean your phone’s screen in a few light swipes.
  • When it comes to disinfecting your phone’s screen, there are a few screen cleaners that are safe.
  • PhoneSoap, WHOOSH, and Häns are the best screen cleaners we’ve tried.

Although most experts say that you don’t actually need to disinfect your phone, many people would beg to differ — especially after their phone has taken a plunge into the toilet.

If you’re worried about germs on your phone and you don’t think that the simple warm-water-and-a-microfiber-cloth trick will satisfy your urge to sanitize it, you may want to pick up a screen cleaner that’s safe for your device.

Unfortunately, most common household cleaners are not safe to use on your phone’s screen. Many cleaning agents use alcohol, ammonia, bleach, and other abrasive ingredients that can damage your phone’s screen or even destroy the device entirely. 

Most phones have a fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating on top that does a great job of keeping your screen free from oily fingerprint smears. It also, just so happens, to be sensitive to the most common cleaning agents (alcohol, ammonia, bleach, etc). Both Apple and Google suggest using a damp microfiber cloth in lieu of cleaning products and warn against using harsh cleaning agents.

Luckily, there are a few screen-safe cleaners that you can use to disinfect your device. We’ve tried a few of them personally over the past six years that we’ve been reviewing tech devices and accessories. Here are our favorites.

Here are the best screen cleaners:

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