This autonomous, electric vehicle concept for medical transport claims to be ‘pandemic proof’ — take a look

  • The NemBot (non-emergency medical robot) is a semi-autonomous transportation concept.
  • The idea is to transport people or goods while staying isolated in a pandemic. 
  • The NemBots could be driverless for short trips, or have a driver for longer journeys. 
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Design consultancy Manyone released a concept for autonomous, “pandemic-proof” electric vehicles. 

NemBots (non-emergency medical robots) are a transportation design prompted by COVID-19, although they can be used much more widely. Each NemBot is like an autonomous pod, with room for one person plus full sanitation equipment like a UV disinfectant light. Within this standardized size, the interior can be swapped out for uses coronavirus-related and not. 

The coronavirus made the need for transportation for vulnerable people clear, but it extends past COVID-19, and public transportation doesn’t always meet these needs. As relatively small, autonomous, and efficient vehicles, Manyone suggests that they could even be used for public utilities, like garbage collection.

See the NemBot here. 

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