This orb-shaped tiny house’s odd exterior allowed its designers to maximize interior space — take a look inside to see how

  • Cloud Architects designed the Double Ring House, which is 515 square feet over two floors.
  • The spherical house is prefabricated and will be available for sale around the world.
  • The 26-foot-long orb shape allows designers to maximize space.
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Tiny homes come in all kinds of unusual designs, from shipping containers to eggs, but an orb is still a rare occurrence.

New York City-based Cloud Architects is expanding the already out there world of tiny homes. The limited-edition spherical home will go on sale within the next year and ship anywhere in the world. The designers created it to fit within a standard shipping container.

The Double Ring House is on the larger side for what traditionally counts as a tiny home, but the 515 square feet includes the loft space on the second floor. The sphere has a 26 foot diameter. 

Cloud Architects, with founders Ostap Rudakevych and Masayuki Sono, is not new to making innovative and unusual designs. Their portfolio includes designs like the Hydrolander interplanetary vehicle concept, House 02 built into a hill, and the Mars Ice Home concept created in collaboration with NASA. The Double Ring House, though, will be available for anyone to buy, as long as they’re still in stock.

Take a look. 

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